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Two bloggers are needed for blogs of various topics with more bloggers being added to the roster later. Payment is $125 per month (plus traffic and revenue bonuses) for 20 posts per month. That rate will increase every 3 months. Here are your details.


  1. admin says

    Hi Amy,

    This is someone I know. If you (or anyone else) have any concerns, do post them here and I’ll have him come address them.


  2. says

    Thanks Deb,

    I just wanted to make sure it was definitely legit before passing along the link to a friend. She is a former nurse who is now a SAHM, and she does some blogging, so I thought this might be a good fit for her. :-)

  3. Kori Ellis says

    Just for clarity, the revenue sharing (60/40) is not in addition to the $125 per month. But there are traffic bonuses it seems.

  4. says

    ~waves to everybody // *YES* I really do exist!

    Kori is correct. The positions are basically revenue sharing starting the 4th month but guaranteed the minimum – blogger which ever is higher. The traffic bonus that I am offering is a simple calculation the accountant in me has come up with, based on the public sitemeter stats, and I was intending on including this from day one.

    As of this moment, the response has been great! Keep ’em coming in! But hurry as I will probably be making my selections before the weekend is out. If there are any more questions, feel free to ask them here – I am now subscribed to these comments, and my answer may here may help clear up Q’s for other people too.

    Thanks for posting this for me Deb :)

  5. says

    Kim.. is that good? or really bad? In my mind, the minimum startubg point was based on $100 for the daily weekday posts and $25 extra for the 2 semi-monthly posts. I normally look for 500+ words per article, but reduced it to 400+ words to be less of a burden (in my own mind). I know it could be more, and I’ve seen less. I am trying to be fair but I am on a budget. I am optimistic for the longer term opportunity for both the blogger and my network, but I understand your doubts.

  6. Amy Ulibarri says

    Hart –
    I think Kim believes that is really low. It is lower than some like you stated, but it is also higher than others.

    For a seasoned writer it may not be great money, but for someone that knows the topic well then it would be decent money.

    You stated in the ad a very large list of topics available – with only 2 to be hired right now – there may be topics that someone knows so well that it may only take them a few minutes a day to write up. In that situation the pay is quite nice.

    The pay is also fine for those starting out or wanting to get into blogging for a network. With a growing network, this may be a perfect opportunity for some.

  7. says

    I also actually wanted to apply for the health topic~ But one 400-word a day is too heavy a workload for me right now :( I’m just beat~ I can’t stop myself from looking through job listings despite my current heavy workload! It’s like I’m addicted….

  8. Phil says


    Keep looking and applying. You never know when a current client will fall through. And you may find better clients to replace ones you have now.

    Some clients I had when I started out were great, but I couldn’t afford to work for them now, they wouldn’t even come close to covering higher overhead, not to mention a better lifestyle I can afford now.

  9. Caarol Neumann says

    I am trying to apply for the blogger poition but I cant get the email addy to
    work. Any other ways to contact you?

  10. says


    I also think the same. And you saying that makes me feel vindicated — sometimes I have to wonder what’s wrong with me and why it is I can’t seem to be content with what I currently have. At least now I know I’m not acting strangely. 😀

  11. says

    Mariella>> It is a sickness, isn’t it? My husband told me yesterday “Do NOT apply for any other jobs!” But I love what I do and keep thinking maybe I’ll come across an opportunity that will pay great and make all my hard work a little more substantial financially.

    So, I keep applying and working all the time. If I spent less time looking for new opportunities I’d probably get more work done in less time! lol I never miss a deadline though, so it’s all good. :)

  12. says

    I should add that I also applied for this blogging job. I enjoy the two blogs I have and it would be nice to have one that actually pays something. :) It would be like fun with a bonus!

  13. says

  14. says

    I applied for this opportunity for two reasons:

    (1) the topics really interested me
    (2) I’m able to produce work quickly when it’s a “write what you know” situation. Sure, there will be times when research and sourcing is needed, but that’s not a huge burden.

    Given that, I think the payment is good. In cases such as these, it’s important for me to think of the hourly wage – rather than the per piece amount. Does that make sense? For example, I just completed 10 articles (600 words each) for $50 . . . it took two hours and the editor was extremely impressed with the quality of writing. I knew the topice very well, so it was quick writing. So, that translated into a good deal. :)

  15. Wendy says

    I agree. The pay is pretty good if it’s a topic you know well, it’s enjoyable to write about and goes fairly quickly.

    And thanks to Hart for taking the time to personally check in here and answer questions!

  16. says

    Hi Deb and everybody who has applied and/or watching this thread. I just wanted to pop by and announce that I have ‘closed’ the application process. I will be making my selections before the end of Monday 15th CST.

    @Caarol Neumann – I can now confirm that I have not received anything with your name included. If you see this and wish to resend, I will consider your application in the lot.

    Any new applications will be kept on file for Round 2 (or probably Round 6 or 7 because there were a lot of great applications received and enough to cover a bunch more rounds! // Take care. \\ HART (1-800-HART)


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