Freelance Writing Jobs for Tuesday, November 13, 2007


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  1. says

    I love your site and how it helps all of us freelancers! I would like to help all freelancers out there too. My blog “Freelancer For Hire” has started featuring different freelancers. If you would like your bio shown, visit my blog and find out how. It is free, no worries!

  2. Erricka says

    I disagree that Craigslist is a great place to find gigs because half the time I click on an ad here that’s Craigslist, it’s been “flagged.” What’s with this flagging? Why does Craigslist allow this? From what I know, and correct me if I’m wrong, an ad gets flagged when a person takes it upon himself to play God and deem the ad inappropriate. He then destroys (flags) the ad, depriving others of seeing it. How stupid must Craigslist be to give this power to the average Joe out there? I’ve also heard that the main reason ads get flagged is so that writers eliminate the competition. Again, this is a major flaw with the Craigslist system. Am I wrong about this? Someone comment about this. I’m sick of clicking on great looking ads, only to see they have been # $ % $ flagged.

  3. Ann G. says

    I’ve had very good look with Craigslist, but then I’m in Vermont and I don’t think as many people look there.

    The job ad for Vezeo. Perhaps their payment has changed, but I submitted a restaurant review and they accepted it and said that the payment would be a portion of the revenue they earned. The site was due to launch in November, they said they’d be in touch at that ooint. I emailed them two weeks ago and never heard another word back.

  4. Ann G. says

    A follow-up to my own post. I see they added a FAQ to their writing guidelines. Here’s the catch… (They don’t pay for your first article which they consider your trial.) That was not there when I first applied, wish I’d know that then and I would have submitted the review somewhere else.

    How much will I be paid?

    One of the primary goals of Vezeo is to give aspiring writers a place to start. Your work will be read by thousands of people, including key players in the publishing industry. Developing a byline is a very important part of the process and we want to reward you with one. Those who are accepted as contributing writers for Vezeo will receive extensive information about how to maximize this exceptional opportunity. You will not be paid for your initial interview article.

    If you are accepted as a regular contributing writer for Vezeo, you will be paid our freelance rate for your work. If your interview article meets our quality standards, it will be published on Vezeo and you will be contacted with further details.

  5. says


    Even though a post has to be flagged more than once before CL removes it, I agree that it’s not the best system. I’ve posted ads on craigslist (legit ones, thanks) and had them flagged within hours for no violation of any of their terms (my jobs pay, I only post in one city, I follow the rules). That said, I’ve gotten a few good gigs from CL, so I can’t say they’re all bad, either. Also, some people delete their own ads after they’ve filled the position or gotten overwhelmed with responses, so it’s not always flagging that makes an ad disappear.

  6. Danielle says

    I was also invited to write for Vezeo, but I have not submitted anything because the first ad said writers would be paid a percentage of ad revenue and there were no ads on Vezeo.

  7. MelissaO says

    I think I got my first gig from these links! Well, my first gig EVER!

    The pay is not much, but it’s on a subject that is near and dear to my heart. And from perusing the website, the outfit is run by woman exactly like what I want to be when I grow up!

  8. Ashley says

    Vezeo is a scam, people!

    I am new here–found this site and a few other writers blog site when I was doing a Google search of Vezeo, prompted by the fact that their payment structure seemed a little fishy to me. In my search, I’ve come across multiple posts with disaapointed or confused freelancers who have been taken by Vezeo–receiving zero compensation, and no responses from Vezeo after the initial correspondence where they “accept” your article and claim all rights.

    I also emailed them asking about rights and royalties, and received no response whatsoever.

    Apparently this Timothy White is an excellent marketer, though, because he has put out dozens of press releases touting Vezeo as the next big thing. It’s not! It’s a blog with a good web designer that fools writers into thinking they’re being “published.”

    Sorry to burst your bubbles, but the word should get out that Vezeo is not worth any writer’s time, is not a path to being legitimately published, and seems to be operating by unethical–if not illegal–business practices.

    Here’s another example:

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