5 Tips for Dealing with Weekly or Monthly Quotas


If you blog for a network you probably have to meet a minimum number of posts each week or month. I’ve worked for some networks where at least one post every day for six days a week is cool. I worked for other places where they expected three to five posts a day, minimum. If you’re blogging for more than one network or person, this can be a little tricky. Fortunately there are ways to make it work.

  1. Post Ahead – If there’s a specific day or time where you can work for long blocks of times undisturbed, do what you can to post ahead. For some of my blogs, I’ll do a week’s worth of posts at one time and time stamp them to appear on the appropriate days during the week. If I have time during the week, I can add extra posts if there’s news to share, but at least I have my quotas covered.
  2. Work with an Editorial Calendar – I have a large wall calendar in my office and I use it to write in topics for each day. I also note upcoming holidays and news making events. This way I don’t have to waste precious time brainstorming or dealing with blogger’s block. I look up, note the day’s topic and get busy. I’ll generally write out the week’s calendar on the weekend.
  3. Find Time to Work Undisturbed – For me, the most important tip I can offer is to find time to work when no one will bother you. I get up before dawn to work before my family wakes, plus I have three hours in the morning while kindergarten is in session and a few hours in the evening. My family and friends are aware of my working hours and know I can’t be disturbed unless it’s an emergency.
  4. Use an Offline Blog Editor – If you read my other blogs you know I’m always singing the praises of Windows Live Writer. It’s such a time saver. An offline blog editor allows me to blog offline and post later, post ahead of time, and switch blogs without having to log onto the various platforms and dashboards.
  5. Turn Off Distractions – My biggest distractions come from social networking, especially Skype and Twitter. If I’m really serious about getting work done I have to stay away from forums, other blogs, and my favorite social networking sites and tools. Once the work is done, you can socialize to your heart’s content.

Many network bloggers accept a gig with the best of intentions only to find they can’t keep up with the quotas. Before accepting any job make sure you’re not biting off more than you can chew. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of planning.

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    I just started using Windows Live Writer this year and let me tell you… I LOVE IT! I can’t believe it took me this long and the future post option will be one of the main reasons I move my other blogger blogs later this year!


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