Can You Really Earn a Living as a Network Blogger?

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The question everyone wants answered is, "Can you earn a real living as a network blogger?" The answer is, yes and no. Blogging, whether for yourself or for someone else, is what you put into it. Your success is dependent on the amount of time and effort you set aside each day for your blogs. Since most networks offer a base or per post pay plus traffic bonuses, it’s in your best interest to pimp the heck out of you blog and continue adding great content. It’s not necessarily the base pay that will help pay the ConEd, it’s the traffic bonuses. In fact, for a few of my blogs, the traffic bonues pay a lot more than the base.

Yes Virgina, you can really earn a living as a network blogger. The question is, do you have the drive and ambition to see that his happens?


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