My Warm & Fuzzy Weekend Post – Or Why You Need Blogging Pals

~ By Jennifer Chait

7 b5’ers in a room – all on laptops – all in skype chat room – who said geeks have no social skills :-)”

Above is my fave tweet of the day yesterday via problogger. I never save tweets, but this one cracked me up, and goes along with today’s topic, so I thought I’d share.

A long time ago on a post here, I noted, “Why you need blogging friends is a fairly in-depth topic that deserves its own post” and then proceeded to never discuss it again. Well, it’s been a long week, and I don’t know about you, but I could use a warm and fuzzy post. That said; let’s address the issue, because really, what’s more warm and fuzzy than blogging pals? Not much; I adore all my blogging friends, and consider the social aspects of blogging among the top three reasons I blog.

If your aim is to be a problogger, there’s a lot you can do to increase your chances of success, but one of the best ways is to have lots of nice blogging friends. Paying attention to content, readers, and stats will get you far, but paying attention to friends can be the bonus that pushes your blogging career into overtime.

Why bother with blogging friends? There are many benefits, but the following are among the top for me.

No one understands you as well as another blogger: I know about one person in my real-live life (i.e. outside the web) who actually gets blogging. If I didn’t have blogging friends to vent with, celebrate successes with, and discuss blog issues with I’d slowly go totally crazy. Everyone needs to discuss their work, everyone needs advice at some point and in this business, the best people to do this with are other bloggers.

You’ll get more work: Having good blog friends is a one-way ticket to finding blogging work. The more friends you have the better. With friends, finding work becomes easier. You’ll know about jobs ahead of time, you’ll understand what a specific editor is looking for, and you’ll really know which jobs to avoid.

Detour: This might be a good time to point out that by friend, I mean “real friend” or even “a nice person.” Being a fake blogging pal won’t help you much. It’ll work against you. Bloggers I know, love to recommend a friend for a gig, but they’re also keen on recommending against a jerk blogger for a gig.

You get sick day help: The downside of blogging is that there are no sick days and no vacation days. Get yourself some blogging pals though, and you might get to take a day off, or even a full vacation. The best way to be a good blog friend in this respect is to take people up on guest post offers. I’ve guest posted for a lot of people, and if I’m sick, or something pops up, there are people I know I could ask for help.

You might find some good long-term partnerships (and more work): I recently landed a new gig when a blogging friend decided to take on a co-blogger. That was cool. I didn’t have to apply; it was like job candy falling in my lap. I’ve also got a few other potentially successful projects in the works with other blogging pals.

Your friends will rally around you: In the blogging world it can be frustrating to deal with lame flamers in your comments. Blog friends won’t let you go it alone. Not that it always helps to silence the meanest voices, but it’s way better than going it alone.

Your overall workload lessens: Many friends send me topic ideas and news clips for this one blog I write. So many people send me ideas in fact, that I barely have to work at that blog (lazy me huh). I do, by the way send other bloggers topic ideas – I’m not that lazy.

Friendly competition: I’m happy when my blog pals do well, make bank, or win an award. It also makes me a wee bit competitive – in a good way. Your friends and their successes in the blog world can drive you to be the best blogger you can be.

By the way; being an overly social girl, I tend to count candidates for blogging friends among other bloggers, blog readers, and blog editors or owners, but how to make blog friends is another topic altogether. Although, since I spaced last week’s guest post here at FWJ completely – (what’s up with that?) I may be back later with some info about how to actually find these blogging pals I speak of.

What are the major benefits for you when it comes to having blog pals?

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  1. Deb says

    Since Jennifer and I are blogging buddies, I can tell you the benefits of having her as a good friend – and colleague. We share job opportunities, give recommendations, commiserate, talk about working at home. We guest post on each others’ blogs and laugh at silliness together. We share gripes, pet peeves and fun anecdotes. We brainstorm and plan.

    Plus it’s just nice to have such a good person to call “friend.”

  2. says

    Well, that was a warm and fuzzy comment to go with this post. I agree with all of it. Now, if we could just get you to like X-Files, this friendship would be 100% perfect :)

  3. says

    I love that blogging friends “get” me – people in the real world need a lot of explanation about what I do… and they still don’t get it!

    I’m also learning a ton from blogging friends.

    No love for X-Files, Deb? Maybe Jennifer and I can turn your around on that one 😉

  4. says

    Dear Deb, thanks for your always informative posts. I read everything you write, which is saying something for me since I blog and am also a student (an old one at that). I appreciate your site as I come here daily to read the job postings and also to read your stories and posts. I really do feel like everyone on this site is my friend. This was a particularly interesting post and I enjoyed it very much. 😉

    X-Files huh? I watched that show for 9 years. It was my favorite too.

    Thanks Deb, your site is the best…

    Zoe “Digital Midge” Marlowe

  5. says

    I cannot begin to tell you how much knowledge I sift from your blog. I have grown in the last seven months as a full time freelancer thanks to your posts or references to other blogs.

    So on those days you are not getting warm fuzzies please remember that you are much appreciated.

  6. Jodee says

    @ Jennifer, Wendy & Zoe: X-Files lost me as a fan after the first season. Now if you guys want to talk about Supernatural, that’s a different story! :)

  7. says

    I have a few blogger friends but find that I really don’t have a lot of people to talk to about my blogging issues. My husband just gives me a blank stare when I talk to him about it. He has no idea what to say to me.

  8. says

    As someone who is shy and as someone who lives in smaller city, I find it hard to find other writers to meet for face-to-face support. Meeting friends through blogging and online forums means so much more as a result.

  9. says

    Nice post Deb. I agree being asked to co-blog is a pretty sweet deal.

    Stacey, maybe your husband can start by reading your blog. I’m guessing he doesn’t do that. Michael reads mine in the mornings when he’s drinking coffee and I’m asleep. He never comments online, but it’s great that he reads it. He even gives me ideas sometimes.

  10. says

    Peggy, you goof, YOUR co-blogger wrote this – not Deb. Geez. My name’s at the top. Guess that’s one less blogging friend for me. (just kidding). Actually, you were one of the people I was thinking of when I wrote this post, if you had not of been so nice as a reader, I’d likely still be going it alone.


    Thanks everyone else for the nice comments and the super X-Files support (Scully rules!)

  11. says

    Thanks for the post Jennifer!

    I’m just starting out in the world of blogging and I’m finding it totally foreign to me! I’ve spent a lot of time reading other blogs – especially those from this site – on how to be an effective blogger! I’m still learning, but I am definitely looking forward to your post on how to make blogging friends!

    Thank you Deb for having such a wonderful community and such great material for the uninformed, such as myself :)

  12. says

    As you can tell, I’m really still learning, the link in my name in the previous post sends you to the wrong part of my blog! LOL.

  13. says

    Jennifer. Ha. I just realized that when I logged back in, but you caught me before I could correct myself!

    Thanks for thinking of me. See, you don’t really deserve a mean smiley.

  14. says

    Reply to Stacey’s post:

    Stacey, I know what you mean about the ‘blank stare’ when telling your hubby, or in my case, significant other about blogging. My guy still doesn’t understand what a blog is or what the ‘blogosphere’ is, it’s like some other dimension in space or something to him!

    😉 Bloggers Unite!!!

  15. says

    Kristy – the blog world can seem totally foreign. I think many people think that it’s pretty easy to blog. In reality there are so many little parts involved that it can be complicated. Plus it’s really a learn as you go situation. You can read “how-to” posts until you’re blue in the face, but the best way to learn blogging is to simply blog, a lot. I WILL do that friend post BTW, but I got slammed this weekend so it’ll have to wait for next Friday :)

    Peggy, ha, I figured you’d realize sooner or later. BUT no one can take my mean smilie away, I worked hard to earn it :)

    Thanks everyone for the nice conversations going on here.

  16. says

    I got a recent gig because a blogger friend mentioned she was hiring. Wait, there’s another one that starts next month. Make that two. Networking is a very important part of my freelance career. I love my blogger friends.

    I’ll get to see some of them in July at BlogHer. Anyone here going? Deb? Jennifer? Jodee?

  17. says

    I have a few blogging friends that I don’t really think of as ‘blogging friends’. I like that I can write Jennifer and know she doesn’t feel she has to rush to answer, or writer Marye and know she’ll get a laugh out of whatever goofy thing I said.

    No one else gets bloggers quite like other bloggers, like you said. We write when we can, live when we can, and laugh because we have to.


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