The Longest Blogging Day of the Month – the Last Day

blog schedulingI hate last days of the month. Actually, I should have put, “Last days of the month” on my cons of blogging for other’s list. Here is what’s on my last day of the month to do list for today:

Make sure all my blogs have met their quotas: This is presenting a problem this month, because there were two days that my son was with me when he should have been with his dad. I will meet my quotas, but my schedule is off, which bites, because it means I’ll have to double check everything.

Invoice: Every client has a different invoice. I’m actually lucky because a couple of networks I blog for don’t require invoicing. Money just magically appears in my Pal Pal account (bliss). Still, invoicing is a pain. Especially since two places I blog for change their invoice form all the time. I’ll have to hunt down the current ones.

Figure out earnings: I have clients who don’t always pay me what I actually earned. Some clients seemingly slack, and no matter how reputable a client, mistakes are made at times. If you blog for others, you need to make sure you’re getting paid what you’re supposed to. This task can take a while.

Image purge day: With as many blogs as I have, and considering that four are photo heavy, I build up quite the collection of photos each month. Last day of the month, I go through and purge unnecessary pictures. It keeps things less confusing when I’m looking for a particular photo later on.

Yes there’s more.

Bookmark cleaning: All month long I bookmark stories, use said stories, and now it’s time to un-bookmark my used material. I could solve this problem by simply deleting all month as I go, but you know how it is; you get blogging and don’t do those little tasks.

RSS purge: Go through my feeds and delete anyone who is wasting my time. You are wasting my time if no new posts showed up. Your feed is no longer useful to me so “delete.” If I didn’t do this step each month, reading feeds daily would be a nightmare. I’m pretty sure I’d be up to 1000s of feeds and really I only have time to go through about 300 a day.

Deal with contests: In most cases blog contests I run seem to end right about now – the last few days of the month. I love running contests, but hate having to send out all the emails associated with them.

Deal with special events: For example, this month at Tree Hugging Family is a huge deal because it’s Earth Day month. We’ve got all kinds of things going on, and today I’ll be making sure that I’ve got everything in order for the month’s events.

Guest posts: Make sure if I promised someone a guest post this month, that it’s done and sent. Actually, I have one I should be working on right this very second. It’s the next thing on my list for today.

Deal with email (in theory): I say in theory, because I know I won’t get all my emails dealt with today. I’d like to, but it just isn’t going to happen.

Get ready for new gigs: IF I were starting a new blogging gig, I’d be getting ready today. I usually schedule new jobs to start on the first when possible. Thankfully, I’m not taking on any new jobs this month.

My goal is to make my last day of the month no different than any other day. I have a plan for this actually. Later (not today) I’ll post about it. I’ve got some new ideas that I know will help me out, and maybe they’ll help you too.

What’s on your to-do list today?



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