Top 11 Reasons Why I Might Quit Blogging & Open A Candy Store

negatives of bloggingQuite recently my seven year old Cedar said something akin to, “Why don’t you quit blogging and open a candy store instead?” Normally I’d tell you that candy store owner is a bad career choice for me. I barely like candy. However, there are days when the cons of blogging for others does get me down, and on those days, even candy store sounds better.

Deb noted her pros and cons of blogging for others already. I didn’t read her list yet though. I figured I’d write up my own lists and see how closely we agree. I’m starting with negatives because it’s important to note that blogging for others is not for everyone.

Reasons why “candy store owner” starts sounding good:

1. When I know more about blogs than my client. FYI hiring parties – if you’re going to start a blog and hire people to run it, please be sure you know a little something about how blogs work first.

2. Along with number one are the clients who expect me to work miracles. 100,000 page views in three months!? Sure, I’ll get right on that.

3. When I don’t get paid on time combined with the fact that no one emailed and told me that this month’s payment would be late – this happens more than you might think. Late payments suck because for some reason my electric company won’t take blogger I.O.Us. Weird, right?

4. No health insurance. No 401K, no life insurance, no free office supplies, and all those other handy bonuses that come with writing gigs I’ve had in the outside world.

5. I have to pay all my own taxes.

6. It almost 100% sure that I’ll never have just one blogging gig. Maybe in my lifetime blog gigs will pay that well, but I seriously doubt it. As a problogger, you’ll constantly hold down more than one position.

7. When my blog is down and I can’t fix it. Blogging for others means that when a blog goes down, you’re at the mercy of how your client will fix the problem. Actually in some ways this is a pro (I don’t want to be tech support), but some blog clients are better than others at getting your blog up and running again. As a single mama, I’m on a super tight blog schedule. When something goes wrong for more than a day it can throw my whole month’s schedule off.

8. No days off. Really. I don’t get days off. It’s a good thing I love what I do, or I’d have a major problem. Post-dating can buy you some time but guess what, not all clients allow post-dating.

9. Word counts. To me word counts are lame. I know, and as a blogger you know, that a three sentence post (well designed) may bring in as many page views as a page long post. Not all clients get this.

10. I don’t always get to write about what I want. This is rare for me now, but when I was starting out, blog gigs on topics I love were harder to score.

11. Multiple monthly quotas. I have about 10 or so client blogs at any given time. Each has a different contract, a different set of rules, and a different monthly quota. It gets hard to remember which client wants 30 posts a month and who needs 24.

By now you may be thinking, “Geez, I can’t believe you haven’t opened your candy store already!” Rest assured, blogging for others also has some major positive aspects. However, if you want to be a problogger, it’s smart to know the cons before jumping in.

Coming up: my much warmer and fuzzier list about the pros of blogging for others.


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    Ha, I was actually thinking of your blog a little when I wrote this. I have no clue why Cedar said, “Candy store” – “Race car driver” or “hip hop dancer” is more his style.

  2. says

    My son would have said puppy store owner. He thinks that’s the coolest job ever. As it is he tells everyone all I do is type in lots of letters all the time.

    Good post though – and I think my biggest pet peeve is working for people who don’t know a thing about blogging. And then when you make suggestions they act as if you haven’t a clue.

  3. says

    Cedar tells everyone all I do is “Homework” – He’ll say my dad “works” my mom just does “Homework”. I think he got that idea from tv.

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    Well, at least blogging won’t make you gain weight! I’d die, literally die, if I owned a candy store. Either that, or I’d grow to hate candy.

  5. says

    I don’t know, sitting around all the time at a desk is not exactly the wonder butt workout you might think Peggy 😉 I like chocolate a little, but all that fruit candy is gross. If I owned a candy store I wouldn’t eat much.

    Thanks for visiting Maria :) (and commenting)


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