What Happens When You Don't Meet Your Quota?


I have a confession to make. For March I’m behind in posting for some of my network blogs. This wasn’t intentional. It’s a snowball effect from an occurrence at the beginning of the month. I won’t go into too many details, but because I spent extra time on one thing, I couldn’t catch up to the others. By the end of the month it’s clear I’m not meeting my monthly expectations for a couple of my blogs.  While I’m making a conscious effort to work harder and meet my goals from April., the damage is done for March.

Sometimes a snowball effect is hard to prevent. Still, if there’s no way you can catch up, there are a few things you can do to make it easier on yourself and your network:

  1. If you can, let your editor know in advance you’re going to be behind for the month. Usually this isn’t such a crises. Your editors should know when you won’t be able to post, however. This way they can bring in help for the month if needed.
  2. Look for guest posters. Ask fellow bloggers to help you out with a guest post if it’s getting down to the wire. Most are happy to help out as it means additional exposure for their own blogs.
  3. Do a few quick posts. A video how-to from YouTube, a link to another blog with a couple of lines of analysis, a fun image,  anything to keep the traffic flowing but isn’t fluffy.
  4. Put up a poll, polls are quick to produce and let you know a little about your audience.
  5. Throw out a quick discussion question and let your community have at it.
  6. Prepare for the eventually you won’t receive a full paycheck.

Now, if you’re going to be a slacker like me consider this: many networks do penalize you if you don’t meet your monthly expectations. You might only be paid for days worked or lose your base pay and only receive your traffic bonuses. The reality is, you signed an agreement for a certain amount of posts each month. If you don’t meet your agreement, your network is under no obligation to meet theirs. Ask yourself if it’s worth it to you and your wallet to not meet your monthly quota and take your lead from there.


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  1. says

    Fortunately, this hasn’t happened to me YET, but I know it can happen to anyone who’s a pro blogger. #5 made me LOL because I’ve seen how the blogging community can “have at it.”

  2. says

    I had this happen on a few blogs, mainly because two were on celebrities and didn’t have much for updates. But I’m now trying (last day) to get as many in today that I can find. Also think facts, rumors, etc if you are in the entertainment blogging biz. Write a list of things they have out or have done in the past year.

    Great tips.

  3. says

    This happened to me in March – I didn’t have Jodee helping me at FWJ for the first two weeks and looked for leads on my own. It took so much time I feel behind everywhere else.

    Note to self: Make this work so you can give Jodee a raise.

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