12 Ways To Find Blog Post Ideas

Last week my son was sick, so I was MIA around the web – which is one downside to blogging full-time. It’s hard to plan for surprise sick days if you’re on a week-to-week schedule. In any case, I started writing a post about where to find post ideas, came back and Miss Deb had written a post on the same topic. We even ended up with almost the exact same number of tips. Sometimes I think our brains are semi-linked.

Oddly our posts are still fairly different so I’m going to go ahead and post mine too.

  1. Your head: This goes along with loving what you write about. Pull thoughts from your own brain. Example if you’re an experimental cook you’ll likely be a better cooking blogger than someone like me who yes, enjoys cooking but never has time to think up anything truly creative.
  2. Subscribe to other like-minded blogs: See what said blogs are talking about. Write about topics with your own spin or opinion.
  3. Subscribe to news feeds: Read the news often and make sure you tag key words in your feed, so that anytime your topic pops up in the news you know about it.
  4. Subscribe to government websites by email: There are tons of government sites that provide updated news on health, money, housing, and more. The only downside is that not all have caught on to RSS which means you may have to subscribe by email – but for a wealth of topic ideas, I’ll sort some email.
  5. Read trade magazines: There are seriously trade magazines for just about every topic out there. Most are available online – even if they make their content private, scan the headlines for ideas. Trade news is usually more unique than national magazine news, which tends to focus on evergreen topics, but read those too if you like.
  6. Get hooked up with PR contacts: I use ProfNet among other PR places. I just sent off my spring query for topics not too long ago, and so many PR folks contacted me that I’m not going to run out of topic and product ideas until winter. Not to mention I scored a ton of prizes for blog contests.
  7. Go on a stumble fest: Sometimes Stumble Upon can really help inspire you. Not always necessarily give you topics, but lots of the stumbled posts are clever, and make you want to try to write something cool.
  8. Attend topic related shows in your city: You can find good interview subjects and nab topic ideas this way. Not to mention, you can see some pretty cool products before they hit completely mainstream. There are always shows and conferences coming to my areas related to green living, home, parenting, tech, gardening, wedding, art, business, office furniture, and more. 
  9. Browse forums related to your topic: For example, if you blog about green living, get on a green living forum and find out what people want to know more about.
  10. Visit YouTube: Or any video site really. Some of the videos can give you some great ideas for blog posts or even make up the bulk of a blog post if you’re having a blank-head sort of day.
  11. Read books: Gasp. I know – books? Books are obviously not frequently updated. However, if you have a certain types of blogs, books can actually provide you better obscure info than what you’ll find online. Housing is one good example. Top architects are constantly in the news, yet many other cool architects are not so obvious, you can learn about them from good old books.
  12. Quit blogging: Not forever. I’m talking a day, or even a couple of hours. Get out of the house, walk around, get some fresh air, and clear your head. It helps.

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    How exactly do you get ideas using ProfNet? Do you just send out a query to experts in the industry that you write for and ask them if they have any ideas you could write about on your blog? If not, could you please explain how you go about doing this?

    P.S. Forgive me if this is a dumb question, but I don’t understand. Maybe it’s because it’s getting late here, who knows.

  2. says

    Great ideas! Thanks Jennifer. I think I’m actually going to buy a few new business books this week to find some inspiration.

  3. says

    @Misti You gain ideas from ProfNet because PR folks will send you products to review that fit your blog, article ideas, topics that are up and coming, and more. You just send a general query that notes, “I’m looking for content and products for my blogs which are about x, y, and z”.

    @Chad Glad you came by. Books are the best IMO because most other bloggers are blogging web based info or industry stuff. Books can offer more untouched ideas.

  4. says


    Thanks for answering my question. That’s a great idea and one I had never thought about before. I’ve used ProfNet and other sites like it to contact experts for articles I’ve wrote in the past, but never thought you could use it for blog post ideas as well.


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