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Since Darren declared this blogger appreciation day (a nice plan by the way), I thought I’d note some bloggers I appreciate. I adore so many bloggers that honestly this list could be endless, but since this is a blog about blogging networks I thought I’d shout out to people who rock at one of my networks – b5media. (If I did all my networks I’d be here all day).


Thankfully Deb works at b5, so I can include her. We’ve actually worked at three or four of the same networks altogether I believe, and she’s always been nothing but cool. I could say more, but I think if you like someone enough to start a blog with them that’s enough said.

My co-blogger at Tree Hugging Family – Peggy. I was so nervous about getting a co-blogger there but it became obvious pretty quickly that she makes the blog a much better place to be, and she’s great fun to work with. Plus she’s up at 3am like me. Actually that might be a bad thing since I can’t get work done when I’m emailing her for the ninth time… Hmm.

Marye – because well, if you knew her you’d appreciate her too. I could write an entire blog about the good Marye’s done, she constantly amazes me.

Gayla my editor at b5media of course. I’ve said it before but you won’t find a better editor than her.

Some bloggers you appreciate even when their blogs are puzzling. For me that blogger is Jeanne who really only blogs about topics I can’t handle but I adore her anyhow. If I lived closer, I’m sure we’d go see the new X-Files together when it comes out.

Linette; totally sweet, a great blogger, and always generous with links.

Kori has actually done lots of little things for me that I really appreciate. She’s endlessly helpful and always nice. We tend to talk late at night so maybe I forget to say thanks… here it is though. You’re noted and appreciated.

Sandy because she always sends me little clips to blog about, even though I never get her back :( Seriously, I know nothing about holidays. I’ll have to find something obscure for her one day.

Hilary who can call me Jen if she wants.

Susan and Mary Jo who I grouped together because at they both managed to draw me out of my little niche area at b5. Before I knew them or their blogs I never visited the business or travel blogs. But both their blogs are swell enough to make you want more. Plus they’re both really nice bloggers to boot.

Shai and Christina – Every single time I’ve interacted with one of these two they’ve been helpful and upbeat. Who is helpful and upbeat all the time? Seriously though, they are, and it’s appreciated.

Last but never, ever least – Liberty who is maybe one of my best online pals around. But she knows that, so instead of talking a lot, I’ll just leave her a little note – “I swear as soon as I hit publish I’ll email :)”

And beyond that there are seriously at least 30 other b5 bloggers who improve my world often – I feel really bad to stop now, but I have work to do, and I just can’t fit them all here. But that’s one of the perks of network blogging, there’s always someone fun, helpful, or inspiring around to hang with.

Now, before the day is over, why not celebrate Darren’s idea and blog about some bloggers you appreciate. Or tell me who you appreciate and why in the comments.


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    Thank you and I think at the same time you were posting this, I was appreciating my favorite bloggers at FWJ – and yes, you’re one of them.

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    Thank you for including me! And for the link love to Junk.

    I really appreciate you on the unofficial blogger appreciation day and every day. Thanks for all the help you’ve given me.

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    Thanks for including me and don’t worry about reciprocating. It’s not a quid pro quo thing.

    However, if you see anything about the Olympics…; Jeanne and I just started co-blogging at “Light the Torch.”

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    Thanks for including me on your list. I think you and Deb are the ones that are generous with the links. You’re both high on the list of bloggers I appreciate:)

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    Thank you, Jennifer. I’m sending tons of appreciation right back at you, too. And if I lived near you, I’d be tagging along with you to see the new X-Files movie…only 3 more months!

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    Thanks all 😀

    @Sandy, sadly I don’t do sports either :( Although, there’s always interesting Olympic based architecture news around so maybe I will have something to send you (finally).

    @Kori I’ve tried to go to bed early. Apparently I’m a night person.

    @Susan that’s a random fact I did not know about you. Or I did and forgot. Overall, I’d have never have pegged you as an X-Files person!

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    I’ve been traveling, so this only now caught up with me.

    Thanks so much! You are truly a doll! And, wacky architecture and traveling are far more closely related than you may realize.

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