Freelance Writing Jobs for Thursday, April 10, 2008

Good morning everyone! It’s Thursday (already) and I’ve got lots of leads for you this morning: blogging, translating, editing, and writing gigs. There are several internship opportunities (paid and unpaid as well). I hope you find something interesting here.


Good Luck!



  1. Kathy says

    I see from time to time sites that require you to post articles in their forums for review at their leisure and they then choose whether or not to contact the authors and offer more, paid work. Is this an “acceptable” method of screening for writers these days? The offering at A Dog’s Care Magazine listed above is like this

  2. Ann G. says

    Writer’s Research is supposed to be an excellent employer, but they are the ones who would only pay through direct deposit and needed my banking acct. numbers, SS number and a copy of a voided check per their paperwork, so I bowed out. I’m still waiting for acct. access to one account following the Hannaford fiasco and am not that willing to part with acct. numbers with a company, no matter how respected they are.

  3. Kathleen says

    Just a note about A Dog’s Care magazine: I had tried to apply over a year ago. You have to register with their writer’s site (a forum) and post to the forum. If he likes your posts I guess he asks you to write. A little different, in my opinion.

    The problem (for me) is that I was never able to log on to the forum after I registered. Recently I received an email about a new forum that they have and wasn’t able to access it.

    Has anyone else had success with them? Maybe it’s just me.

  4. Fiona says

    Re: The Dogs Care magazine. I’d be interested in writing for them but posting my samples in the forum seems to feel like giving my work away for free, or is that just me?

  5. says

    Looks like the PC World ad is in there twice. (Different ads, same company.) :)

    Blogger @ PC World ($15 per 150-200 word entry)

    Blogger for Tech Website ($15 per post)

  6. Kathy says

    Fiona: That was my concern. In searching not only here, but in other places for gigs, I’ve run across several of these situations in the last few days. That is why I wanted to see what everyone else thought.

  7. Jodee says

    @ Matt: That could be….sometimes I forget that I’ve already seen an ad if it appears in multiple locations.

  8. Fiona says

    On a slightly different topic – have any of you had any experience with Usually I don’t agree with paying for sites to find projects but I’ve recently found one great repeat client there through a free membership, and I’m wondering whether I should upgrade and buy a membership.

  9. Ann G. says

    Re Guru: I’ve only had a free membership to Guru and even then it never shows up as having any projects I can actually bid on, so I gave up trying.

  10. Elizabeth says

    Does b5 media have an established base pay, or does it depend on the site? I’ve never been able to find out an estimate of what monthly pay might be for them, and I’m really curious.

  11. Erika K says

    @ Ann G

    I’ve done the whole “cumbersome form” thing with Guru, too. I’ve even emailed them about when new projects are coming available and their reply was that “new projects are coming in all the time.”

    For a while last year, I did see a few come in per month. Now when I look, it’s the same stuff that was there last fall. What’s up with that?

  12. says

    These are great leads, except I have a hard time getting considered because I am just starting out as a freelance writer. Aside from my own personal site, I haven’t been able to find any writing positions that allow me to get some writing experience. If possible, could some leads be for new writers trying to break into the business?

  13. says

    I had a free membership to Guru for a while and saw plenty of things available, but not a lot I wanted to bid on. I used the money from one gig to pay for a year’s membership, figuring that it’s a biz expense anyway. There’s a lot of SEO work, but it’s not great pay. It’s a lot of work to scroll through, look for stuff, write a proposal and bid. It could be worth it, but not a lot of it has worked out for me. The jury’s still out.

  14. says

    I’m a paid member of Guru, for writers there are over 600 jobs available. I tried it since I was just starting out freelancing last fall. Before I signed up, I did find the free membership useless. You could look at all the jobs but I never found anything I could apply for.

    I’ve had enough success that I’ve more than paid for the yearly membership; and have gotten a handleful of repeat customers. Of course since it is global you’ll see the weekly add from Thailand, write web content for $2 crap, but some good customers still show up.

    I don’t know if I’ll sign up again as I’m finding other things here and there, but I’d consider it since it does pay for itself.

  15. AW says

    I just wanted to mention about Writers Research Group, it’s true they ask for bank information, but they’re totally legit. They’re a nice bunch of gals to work for.

    The problem I had with payment (at least on the project I worked on) was that I had to wait close to 60 days to get paid (it was in the contract). Since there was a break in the work flow, that happened twice! That may not be true for the projects they’re advertising now, but I don’t think this is standard practice so I wanted to point that out.

  16. says

    About the d/visible job. They pay $40 per article ONLY if they accept more than 2 articles from you within 30 days. If they only accept one or if there’s more than 30 days between the acceptance of the articles, you don’t get pay anything.

  17. Ann G. says

    @AW- Thanks for the info. I still opted out. I’m not willing to send that much personal information to a company I don’t personally know. I’m still trying to get a new debit card following the Hannaford deal. Our credit card was affected and won’t be here for another three weeks we’ve been told. The bank we use for debit cards is saying it will be another 4 weeks, and I’m going on vacation in one, so we’re going to have to carry more cash than I’m normally comfortable carrying in this case.

    @Erika K – I even emailed Guru about the lack of jobs. What I was told is that if you have a free account, you only qualify to take jobs in your “region” and in VT there are no writing jobs to be had, so there is no way I can take work without becoming a paying member. I don’t think that practice is fair!

  18. Fiona says

    Ann – that’s odd because I have the free Guru account and get emails about jobs all over the world. The regular client I’ve gained is in Canada.

  19. says

    I’ve never run across such a stipulation as the one posted in d/visibile’s ad. It states that you must write a second article for them within 30 days of the first or not be paid for the first – if I’m reading it right. Can anyone think of a valid business reason why a publication might have such a policy?

  20. says

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