How Do You Know You Have Passion?


Bloggers talk a lot about "passion." Indeed, if you’re discussing the same topic several times a day on a daily basis, you should have passion for your topic. Someone the other day asked me, "I know I enjoy talking about my niche, but how do I know I have passion?" Before we answer that, let’s talk a little about the definition of passion.

What is Passion?

According to, passion is "a strong or extravagant fondness, enthusiasm, or desire for anything." That sums up how I feel about blogging and writing. Is that how you feel about your topic?  Many bloggers, network bloggers especially, accept a gig to blog on a topic they know a little about but passion doesn’t necessarily show through. The blogger soon tires of his subject and the audience soon tires of the blogger.

How do you know you have passion?

So how can you tell if you have passion for your topic? Here’s how I know:

  • It’s all you want to talk about.
  • It’s constantly on your mind.
  • It’s all you want to talk about.
  • You read everything you can on your topic and still want more.
  • You post several times a day and yet never run out of ideas.
  • It’s all you want to talk about.
  • You form posts in your mind when you’re showering, walking the dog, and sitting out the dinner table.
  • It’s all you want to talk about.

What happens if you don’t have passion?

As mentioned above, if you’re not into your topic it shows.

  • You will become bored.
  • You won’t want to do your job.
  • Your audience will know.
  • Your traffic will suffer.

It’s not always enough to just "like" a topic

If you’re passionate about a topic, you don’t have to ask. You just know. We all have things we like to do, it’s the things we truly love to do that are our passion.


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  1. Diane says

    Okay, this is a really lame question, and technically was answered by your post (which I loved btw), but I’ll ask it anyway.

    What is one to do if instead of being passionate about one particular area or niche, they are just “interested” in many topics? I am passionate about writing and blogging, but I don’t want to write specifically about those. Am I doomed to be a so-so writer if I choose other topics to write about?

    Food for thought,


  2. says

    That’s a good question, Diane. I guess you don’t have to be an expert to write on a particular topic day in and day out. I’m sure you can write about something you’re interested in and do just fine. It’s passion that really shows through in the writing though. At least that’s what I think.

  3. Diane says

    You’re absolutely right. I shouldn’t say I lack passion – the topics I’m passionate about are either saturating the market, or there is no market for them LOL. I’ll find the right one eventually – you did and you’re doing great!

  4. says

    OK, here’s my problem: I don’t know what my passion is.

    Now, before you think I’m a lifeless troll living underneath a bridge, let me assure that’s not it. There are many things I’m interested in, like technology, Apple computer, photography and art, productivity and so on.

    But do any of those things set me on fire? I’m not so sure.

    Now, I’ve tried to keep my weblog on a single topic. Say, Apple. I find that I’m constantly forbidding myself to write about certain topics because they aren’t in my defined niche. That’s frustrating.

    Here’s my final point (I knew I’d get there eventually!). Why must I have an “Apple blog” or a “technology blog” or an “art blog”? Why can’t it be successful as a “me” blog?

    I don’t mean all over the place like I’ve got multi-personality disorder, but centered on 5 or so topics that I love the most. I am the product, the brand; what I’m writing about wouldn’t matter.

    Yes, I know about SEO, Adsense, etc. What do you think?

  5. says

    Hi Dawn, welcome.

    I think having a “you” blog where you talk about whatever you like is fine. That’s the beauty of blogging, anyone can talk about whatever he or she wants.

    Most professional bloggers are hired to discuss a particular topic, and this is where the passion is needed. Niche bloggers, especially those being paid for their efforts, really need to know their topics. “Me” bloggers can talk about whatever they want!


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