Freelance Writing vs. Freelance Blogging: What's the Difference

A question I’m often asked is, "What’s the difference between writing and blogging? Aren’t the same thing?" Technically they are. Blogging is a form of writing, but there are differences between freelancing for blogs and freelance writing in the traditional sense. Freelance Writing Can pertain to print or web. Freelancers can write scripts, novels, advertising […]

Bloggers I Appreciate

Since Darren declared this blogger appreciation day (a nice plan by the way), I thought I’d note some bloggers I appreciate. I adore so many bloggers that honestly this list could be endless, but since this is a blog about blogging networks I thought I’d shout out to people who rock at one of my […]

Freelance Writing Jobs for Monday, April 14, 2008

Good morning everyone! Hope everyone had a good weekend. I have opportunities for content writers, technical writers, and bloggers today. There are also a couple of opportunities for those of you interested in working with adult content. Leads… Freelance Writers @ The Savvy Gal Communications Writer/Editor – On Site – Atlanta – Freelance/Contract/Employee Freelance Writer […]

Don't Forget Your Sense of Humor

Before I forget, happy Blogger Appreciation Day! Show another blogger how he or she is appreciated by offering encouragement and support. Yesterday I chatted for a bit with another network blogger who was a bit down about the direction her blog was taking. As a health blogger who discussed a chronic condition she felt her […]

What To Do If Your Parachute Fails To Pop Open

You know what I think you shouldn’t be doing if your parachute fails to open; trying to figure out who the heck will take care of your blogs. Although, as bizarre as it sounds, without a solid emergency plan in place, that’s likely one thing I’d be thinking about. NOT the only thing; but I’m […]

Should You Sign a Confidentiality Agreement?

I received an interesting email the other day and its author agreed to let me reprint some of its contents as long as I didn’t mention her name. In it she wondered about confidentiality agreements: The contract for this network comes with a non-disclose clause which makes me pause. Does this mean the business has […]

So Not On Board With Shyftr

So, the blog post darling of the weekend is likely the whole Shyftr issue. In case you’ve missed it, here’s a little recap, and if you want to learn more background go visit the linked posts. I’m not rehashing it all here. Shyftr stands for Share Your Feeds Together. They offer all your favorite feeds […]

12 Ways To Find Blog Post Ideas

Last week my son was sick, so I was MIA around the web – which is one downside to blogging full-time. It’s hard to plan for surprise sick days if you’re on a week-to-week schedule. In any case, I started writing a post about where to find post ideas, came back and Miss Deb had […]

Freelance Writing Jobs for Friday, April 11, 2008

Happy Friday morning to everyone at FWJ! I have some internships for you today, along with opportunities for bloggers, content writers, copy writers, and technical writers. There are a couple of gigs for researchers, as well. Hope everyone has a good weekend. Leads… Freelance Writer @ The Southtown Star – Chicago Entertainment/Celebrity Blogger @ SilverWire […]