Why I'm a Lazy Blogger – And How I Can Improve

I have a confession to make. I’m a lazy blogger. There are so many things I can do to make my blogs more successful, but I don’t. It seems funny to contribute to a blog where I tell others how to be a success, and then not practice what I preach. Hopefully by listing my faults and ways I can improve, I’ll show you how not to blog. If you have solutions to ways I can improve on any of these issues, do feel free to add your two cents.

Problem: I’m bad about the blogroll. I rarely look at it. I don’t add links or remove old links. Every now and then I look at my blogroll and think "Oh yeah…I need to find time to take care of that." While I do like to offer lots of link love in my blog posts, I need to improve my blogroll.

Solution: Schedule time on my editorial calendar once a month for blogroll updating.

Problem: I don’t post often enough. While I do my best to meet quotas, some of my blogs would have HUGE traffic if I posted more than the network minimum.

Solution: Instead of scheduling in one post a day , make time for at least two – even if the second post isn’t very long.

Problem: I don’t spend enough time visiting other blogs. Visiting other blogs is one of the most important tasks of blogging. It’s how to know what’s going on and meet others in the niche.

Solution: Make time at least once or twice a week for bloghopping.

There are a lot more issues than this, and they’re all time management issues. I need to make time to promote my blogs more, catch up on my RSS feeds and more. I especially need to get control of my email.

In a perfect world I’d be on top of all this, but the truth is, I’m not. I know there will be at least two more hours to work each day beginning at the end of June and this will help a lot. In the meantime I have to work harder at staying on task and not letting distractions such as Twitter get the best of me. They say the first step is admitting you have a problem so here it is, I’m a lazy blogger because I’m not using my time wisely.

Are there any areas of blogging in which you feel you’re lazy? How do you think you can improve?


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    I think scheduling activities is 100 percent crucial when you’re maintaining multiple blogs. I am actually thinking of using chalkboard paint on an office wall, having a constant to-do list, and then putting dates next to the last time I did each one. That way, I won’t forget some of the regular tasks… or neglect one blog over others.

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    I need to start posting more on my blogs and stop procastinating on my writing assignments. I meet all deadlines, but if I would just write a set and then check twitter, email and so forth I would accomplish more faster than writing an article and then checking everything.

    I also need to stop my addiction to scrabble. BAD me.

    I keep telling myself I will stop and get better at time management, but I sit here typing this becasue I was twittering again after one article.

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    I agree with the writing schedule needing to be consistent. I’m not so good at that either because of laziness and then I think “they don’t want to hear this. What else can I write about?”

    I’m also in the dark about so many things. I.e. Twitter, using visuals, feed burner, etc. While I can read and say all those words, I’m in the dark as to how to use them and/or even what it means.

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    I’m currently blogging mostly for the sake of my own sanity and as a way to separate myself from the other A. B. England publishing out there, so I guess I haven’t been taking it as seriously as I probably should. My traffic reflects this.

    I need to start posting consistently instead of just whenever I happen to think about it. I’ve done better lately, but I’m still averaging only two or three posts a week. I like the scheduling idea. Maybe if I come up with ideas during the week and then set aside a couple of hours during my weekly afternoon alone, I’ll be able to post on a more consistent basis.


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