Giving Each of Your Blogs Equal Attention

First, sorry to be MIA for 4 days. It’s been one of those weeks. “One of those weeks” by the way, is the perfect time to follow Deb’s advice on guest bloggers.

In Are You Playing Blog Favorites? I noted that I sometimes do play blog favorites, but honestly you should try and give equal attention to your blogs; within reason. I say within reason, because there are circumstances that can make it smarter to pay more attention to one blog over another. For instance, one blog I write has page view issues that aren’t my fault; it’s something on the client’s end that I can’t control. I do give this blog the attention I signed on for, but not much more. Since I’m paid partially by page views at this blog, and page views won’t be going up anytime soon (due to factors out of my hands) it’d be a waste of my time to give lots of special attention to this blog.

Aside from oddball situations like the one above, paying equal attention to all your blogs is a good idea. Giving equal attention means all your clients like you, all of your blogs earning potentials go up, and you’re not putting all your eggs in one basket.

Solutions that can help you give equal attention to all your blogs:

  • Use a visual schedule and editorial calender. I showed my schedule/calender here. As you can see I use boxes to check posts off. With one glance I can tell which blogs are getting the most attention and adjust it if need be.
  • Only take on the amount of work you can currently handle. I’m not talking about a bad week where your family is sick, and you lose time, I mean on a normal basis. If one blog suffers a lot, you may want to consider dropping it. The fewer blogs you have, the more attention your blogs get and it’s easier to meet and exceed post quotas.

Use a system:

  1. Post at your least favorite blog first thing of the day.
  2. Post at your least favorite blog last thing of the day.
  3. Switch back and fourth.

I like choice number three the best because it allows all of my blogs to get some attention and it’s like a tiny reward system – fun blog; less fun blog; fun blog. I do sometimes post first thing at my least favorite blog to get it out of the way; then it’s done, and I don’t have to think about it anymore. I almost never post at my least favorite blog last thing of the day, because it’s not a fun way to end my day, and I’m more likely to blow it off completely.

  • Think in potential terms. Say you have four blogs; you give one blog lots of attention and it scores 150,000 page views a month; the other three you spend less time at and they make about 50,000 page views a month. Sit down with a calculator and figure out how much more $ you could be making if all your blogs were at 100,000 page views a month. If you’re paid by posts only, figure out the same, only in post terms. Seeing actual figures can motivate you to pay more attention to potentially successful blogs.

Quit wasting time on other things when you could be working. Things such as…

What else have you tried that allows you to give equal time to all your blogs?

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