If You're Not Feeling A Post… Stop Writing

Just a quick tip. Sometimes I get a “brilliant” idea for a post, start to type, get stuck, and then sit and ponder what to say next. HUGE time waster. Sitting and staring seems like an easy issue to avoid, but I know lots of people who note that they do this.

Train yourself to simply hit save and move on when you’re stuck. Whether you’re stuck on wording, or how you feel, or for some reason you didn’t have enough info to write the post in the first place; just stop. Hit save. Go work on another post. You can always go back later.

Do you ever participate in sit and stare behavior?


  1. says

    It is a huge problem for new bloggers who are still trying to find a niche and an own voice. That is why this is such good advice.

    Extremely happy that this landed in my inbox!

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