So, How Come You Don't Respond To Comments?

I’m dead serious.

If you work for a network, any network, where say team work is sort of encouraged by networks heads and editors, yet you refuse to respond when readers leave you comments, I’m just curious why. I’m not talking the random no response. I’ve done that. I’m talking about when I’ve left at least 10 comments at your blog in the span of a year, and you’ve never, not once responded back.

I have some ideas.

  • Your page views are good no matter if you respond to readers or not, so why bother.
  • I’m not leaving the right sort of comment.
  • You’re too busy.
  • You do respond to readers, just not readers who also blog for your network.
  • Your editor never set it up so you get emails – you’re not ignoring me, you just don’t know about me.

Basically I’m curious because there are a couple of network blogs I like a lot. I’ll read, comment, nothing, and yet still return. Which one, I’m done with, because it’s getting old, and two this goes against everything I’ve ever heard about traffic. I.e you should respond back to readers.

I guess I’ve always thought responding is a good plan. I’ve never heard an argument against responding to reader comments. If you happen to be a network blogger who never responds I really am curious about how come (not in a mad way, in a very real curious way).

Maybe you can offer some ideas about this in the comments.

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