Blogging Parents: What Are You Doing During the Summer?

Just curious, because I know many blogging parents. If you’re a full-time blogging parent… Do you put your kids in camp? Hire help (either for work, or for childcare)? Or do you just try to manage by working nights and weekends?

I’ve been considering camp, but today my son flipped about it. We’re a single parent homeschooling family (as I’ve noted) so I’m used to balancing work with my son Cedar. However, his dad is currently being stingy with helping out (it’s his busy season at work) and I did think day camp would give me a nice break; as in a little more work time. However, Cedar doesn’t want to go and has actually struck up a deal with me – odd for a seven year old, I know. We’re going to try out a new schedule; from 9pm to 11pm I get work time – uninterrupted work time. He says he’ll draw or sleep or play with toys and let me work. In his words, “I’ll try to remember you have to work.”

We’ll see.

Right now, we’re trying it out for a week or two, and then, simply because I need more work time, if he can’t manage being on his own for those two hours, he’ll do day camp a few days a week. Also, I’ve decided to quit one job. So, my summer schedule is semi-figured out. Is yours? If you’re a full-time blogging parent how do you manage to get it all done? Kids and work. Especially in the summer if your kids are normally in school. Let me know.


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    My son always went to camp. This will be his third summer. The first two summers he went to camp in the morning and had the afternoons free and we’d go to the park or swim in our pool.

    It benefitted both of us as he’s an only child, and shy, and I thought it would be a good way to make some friends. I also felt he could do much more fun things at camp than with his old mom. Plus it gave me three hours for work every day.

    This year he’ll be attending camp from 9 to 3. I thought he’d balk but he’s looking forward to it. I think it’ll prepare him for a full day of school to. Because he’s done at 3, there’s still time for us to have afternoons together.

    Because of new clients and lots of work, the six hours will benefit me as well – and hopefully will eliminate the need for me to wake at 4 or 5 AM to get things done.

    I think your sun might light camp. We do it through the township and it’s not as expensive. They swim once a week at the community college, go bowling, play soccer and kickball, do crafts and music and have speakers and demonstrations. The older kids in middle school go to the shore every Friday too.

    I recommend it!

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    My daughter will go to camp until 2.30pm, which will still give us afternoons together. She really wants to go, as she’ll get to do lots of gymnastics. She’s an only child, too, so I think it’s good for her to spend some time with other kids.

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    This is exactly the sort of productivity and blance issue that I want to discuss on my new mom website!

    My 5 year old daughter has autism and so it can be especially hard when she is off of school. (She is just finishing her 2nd year of pre-k). She really needs the structure of the school day and the constant stimulation of it to keep from getting bored. We have several ways of dealing with it.

    This year will be a bit different than her previous school vacations as my husband is laid off of work and so I will have a second set of hands in the house to help keep her entertained while I work. Also, we are very fortunate that we have two sets of grandparents right here in town that practically beg to be allowed to take her for an afternoon. When she comes home after a few hours of being there she is too tired to do anything but quietly watch videos!

    We also have our own version of camp that will help – extended school year. Our daughter qualifies for an extended school year program that will take up 4 weeks in the middle of the vacation, to help keep her from regressing during the break. So basically, it shortens a three month vacation into two three week breaks instead.

    I have learned to work in short chunks to work around my daughter’s schedule and during school vacation those chunks just have to be shorter and more frequent sometimes!

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    Fortunately for me, I have a 12 year-old who’s a big help. My other kids are 9 and 3. I actually have more time in the summer because they entertain each other, whereas during the school year, I have to work around my toddler’s schedule. Now, I can work during the day instead of just during his naptime or only at night.

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    Actually, I’m a little freaked about the summer. I need to balance lots of fun activities with the kids (to avoid that “we’re bored!” chant) with loads of work. I have a similar plan in mind with having specific work-dedicated hours that the kids will need to entertain themselves, then we’ll get out and have our daily fun… then more work in the evenings and weekends, no doubt. The kids are only doing a couple of weeks of camp, and just 3 days each week, so I won’t get too much of a break there. They’re 7 and 5 and when they play well, they play really well… but otherwise they fight like cats and dogs and mommy needs to drop everything and referee!

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    @Deb I think Cedar might like camp too. But he cried for most of yesterday after I mentioned it. So? I’m not sure. Something that is totally stressful each day (which is what every single morning of day care was like) might not be a picnic for me. Hes so slow to warm, plus all his friends are out of school and he want to play with them. BUT if he doesn’t let me work, I’ll have to send him, I won’t have a choice.

    @Sharon Cedar used to do gymnastics – now he’s starting dance and soccer. He like other kids, but in small doses.

    @Nancy nice to have a second pair of hands. And two sets of grandparents! Cedar might get to spend some time with my dad this summer, which would be fun for him. That extended school year deal has become more popular.

    @Del sometimes I wish I had two right away, or just a few years apart. My sibs and I played together all the time – although like Wendy’s comment right after we also would fight at times. Which is hard.

    @Wendy you sound like me, a little freaked. I thought for sure Cedar would like the idea of fishing and the zoo at camp, so I was looking forward to it. Good luck!

    Actually good luck to everyone. When it gets hot I feel less like writing, so summers are interesting. At least I’m in a state where it’s cool for half the summer.

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