Essays on the Subject of Secrets Wanted

Update: E-mail Address has been Changed.

I received the following request for submissions for an upcoming book:

I am an Australian author and I am compiling a follow up to my recently released book, Naked – confessions of adultery and infidelity published by Allen & Unwin Australia which I edited with Kylie Ladd. The follow-up is in the same style – a collection of anonymous essays – but has a different subject. Those whose pieces are chosen for inclusion will receive a fee of between AUD $500-800 depending on the exchange rate at the time on acceptance of the work and dependent on the size of the publisher’s advance.

The subject of the new book is secrets, secret lives and the things we hide behind our facades. The object of the stories is not merely sensation but to examine the nature of secrets and what they do to our lives. Much more information is available to writers who request the guidelines. Full guidelines are available by emailing me at [email protected]


  1. Jodee says

    I’ve e-mailed the person wanted me to post the ad to let her know that there is a problem with the e-mail contact. I’ll let you know when I hear something back.

  2. Tim says says

    I also emailed the person and was rejected. There is some problem with an ip address according to my computer.

  3. Christine Leigh Langtree says

    Hi all, my fault – sorry about that! Jodee has kindly now changed the address to the correct one and I hope you will all try again.

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