Freelance Writing Jobs for Friday, June 13, 2008

Good morning FWJ Friends! Happy Friday the 13th to You! Are you superstitious about this date at all? I did notice that the boards are a bit quiet this morning. I wonder if that’s just a coincidence or if some employers out there do suffer from paraskevidekatriaphobia (fear of Friday the 13th). I do have some leads for technical writers, translators, copywriters this morning. There are some editing gigs, too. There is an opening for an ebook writer and a few internships, too. I hope this Friday the 13th is a lucky day for you and you find your dream [Read more…]

On Rates and New Clients: Does It Ever Make Sense to Accept a “Starting” Rate?

Since rates are such a hot topic around here and I don’t have a problem getting out a stick and taking a swat at the hornets’ nest every now and then, I wanted to bring up the topic of rates and new clients. I have seen several ads where the employer offers a certain rate to start and states that if the relationship goes well that they are prepared to offer a higher rate for subsequent work. Now, just for the record, I don’t have a problem with this as long as the initial rate being quoted is a reasonable [Read more…]

Freelance Writing Jobs for Thursday, June 12, 2008

Good morning FWJ Friends! I’ve got some blogging jobs this morning, along with opps for medical writers, technical writers, and copy writers. The list also has translating gigs, a job for a monologue writer, and a couple of openings for business plan writers. If you are interested in the “Writing Guru Needed” one, you should know that the ability to walk on water while carrying heavy objects is considered an asset, according to the employer. If you find your dream job here, please to let us know. That kind of good news is inspiring to others. Leads… Website Copy Writer [Read more…]

For Clients, Hiring a New Freelancer is Like a Box of Chocolates: They Don’t Know What They Are Going to Get

Just for a minute, I want us to consider what it’s like to be in the employer’s seat when it comes time to put out an ad for a new freelancer (or several of them). I know that we talk a lot here about what the freelancing world is like from the point of view of the people looking for work, and I think it’s only fair to look at what it may be like from the opposite side of the desk. Here we go: You have been magically transformed into the employer instead of the freelancer. You prepare an [Read more…]

16 Things You Need to Make it as a Blogger

Think anyone can blog? Think again! While it’s true that anyone can start, the fact is very few people can successfully pull it off. If you want to truly make it as a blogger, you need to have several things. I’m not talking laptops and software, indeed those are important. Most of what you need to become a successful blogger can’t be found in stores, or even blogs about blogging. 1. A good idea –Not the same idea as everyone else. Not a copycat of someone else’s blog, but your own unique, good idea. If you want to make it [Read more…]

Freelance Parenting: Imperfect but Complete

by Annie Mueller I’m serving my daughter stale crackers and some cubes of cheddar for lunch because I’ve been too busy pushing through another article to go buy groceries. She munches away, but I feel the eyes of the world peering in my large front window, hear their voices saying, “What is she thinking?” Some days I’m clear. I’m set. I’m confident. Other days I think I must be ruining my children, damaging their psyches, sending them unalterable signals that will make them question my love. I comfort myself in these times by thinking back to my own childhood and [Read more…]

Freelance Writing Jobs for Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Good morning FWJ Friends! I only have a couple of jobs for bloggers this morning. I do have leads for people looking for technical writing and copywriting work, though. There are some gigs for proofreaders and content writers. A few internships round out today’s offerings. If you get one of these jobs, please do let us know. Your success stories are an inspiration to other writers. Leads… Proofreader Needed – Offsite with Occasional On Site Meetings – San Rafael ($25-$30 per hour) Restaurant/Food Writers Wanted @ The Dallas Observer Writer/Remote Guide @ – Telecommute Technical Research Writer Needed to Work [Read more…]

Brevity Is A Gift I Wasn't Born With

I’ve never been brief. I think a lot, talk forever, and as it turns out, I write massive amounts. I can write concisely. For example, if I have a boss, college professor, or magazine editor breathing down my neck about word counts; sure, I can be nice and succinct. However, give me a blog, with no word count limit, and I swear, I just go to town. Talk, talk, talk. On and on. Much like I’m doing right now. Of course, longer posts have their place, but not all the time, and not if the topic can and should be [Read more…]

Four Writers Needed for Lesbian/Bisexual Web Magazine

Four writers needed to write one article a month each for lesbian/bisexual online magazine   Articles can be on any topic related to lesbian/bisexual/transgender life, and must be be between 500-1000 words long. Articles can be based on current news, general L/Bi issues, ‘how to’ features or interviews. No personal rants please – all articles must be objective.   The right candidates will have excellent writing skills and an eye for a great story. You will know how to write a catchy intro and follow up with a well structured, intelligent article.   You will be an active participant [Read more…]

It’s Not “Only Words”…Why You Need to Check Your Thesaurus More Often

As writers, words are our stock in trade and we are expected to know how to use them effectively in our work, so when I came across this bit of 411, it made me think about the number and types of words that I use. Out of the 600,000 words in the English language 99 percent of what we say is made up of 1,500-2,000 words. If this figure is right, then we are only using a very small portion of the words available to us. This seems like a real shame to me. Words are wonderful things, to my [Read more…]

Freelance Writing Jobs for Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Good morning FWJ Friends! Today’s leads include a variety of opportunities. I’ve got some blogging jobs, copywriting gigs, some web content opps, and some calls for proofreaders. There are some internships as well as technical writing work available. Do you know personal finance? I have a lead that pays $1 per word! I hope you find your dream job posted here. Leads… Freelance Marketing Writer – Research Triangle Park, NC Proofreader – Part Time – Temporary – Glendale, Milwaukee, WI ($10-$20 per hour DOE) Part-Time Journalist in Paris, France MyCheats Contractor @ Ziff Davis Media – San Francisco Copywriter – 2-3 [Read more…]

Red Dirt Writing Co. is Looking for Writers

Update: Red Dirt Writing Co. is no longer accepting applications due to the overwhelming response. Thank you to everyone to took the time to reply to this ad.  We are looking for writers who are willing to do SEO article work as well as How To’s and e-book editing and such. We are a new company and it may take a little while before there is an unlimited amount of work but with a few good men and women anything is possible. We can be contacted at reddirtwriting(at) Compensation varies, depending on the assignment.

Freelance Writing Jobs for Monday, June 9, 2008

Good morning FWJ Friends! It’s Monday and the start of a new week. I hope everyone had a good weekend. I’ve got a variety of leads for you this morning. There are content writing jobs, opps for technical writers, and gigs for proofreaders. I added a couple of print mags and an ezine as well. As always, I hope you find something interesting on today’s list. Leads… Proofreader for Long Term Freelance Assignment – NYC Copywriters/Proofreaders Needed – Minneapolis ($20-$35 per hour) AMA Editor – Freelance to Staff – New York Tech Blogger @ Writers and Bloggers @ MTV [Read more…]

Squeeze More Hours Out of Your Blogging Day

When it rains, it pours. Literally, everything that could possibly go wrong, barring natural disaster has happened to my workweek already, and I’m only at 11am of workweek day two. That sucks. I wallowed a bit today, and then worked out a plan. If you need to squeeze more hours out of your week, here are some speedy post ideas that can help, without compromising your blog/s too much. Best of list: Round up ten posts you wrote on any one topic. Slap a title like, “Best cleaning posts of 2007″ on it and go. Link love baby: People probably [Read more…]

Get To Know You Question of the Week: Why Did You Start Blogging?

I get curious about other bloggers, but we don’t ask too many personal questions here at Network Blogging Tips. I decided to start a weekly question. I’ll try to remember to post questions on the weekend, to keep it sort of orderly. I think we should start with the obvious… So bloggers, how come you started blogging? Forget jobs, forget networks, (unless that is how you started); tell me why you first started blogging. My answer: I honestly never even used computers, except in extreme passing, until I was maybe 22 years old. However, I always kept journals; pretty much [Read more…]

Some Basic Rules for Running A Blog Contest

Blog contests can bring in some good traffic, but you need to run them correctly, or they can be a total pain. I’ve run countless blog contests, some more successful than others. When I first started holding contests at my blogs I made some pretty dumb mistakes. The good news is that I can tell give you some tips about what you should and shouldn’t do if you decide to hold a blog contest. Make the rules simple. SIMPLE. I just had a blog contest at one blog. We had 215 or so entries. At least 80 of those entries [Read more…]

Where Blogging Can Take You

A couple of years ago I explained what it was I did for a living to someone at a social club I belonged to. "Why?" she asked, "Where will blogging take you?" At the time I couldn’t answer that. Blogging was blogging. It could take me to new levels of blogging. Perhaps I’d earn six figures, who knows?  Today I can answer in a more knowledgeable fashion. I just accepted a full time position as blogger and Community Manager for Blog Talk Radio. The job involves two of the things i love best, blogging and social networking. Sure there’s more [Read more…]

Freelance Writing Jobs for Friday June 6, 2008

Good morning FWJ Friends! I want to send out a big Thank You to everyone who took the time to send their congratulations for my new role here. To say that I am pleased is an understatement…I did a major happy dance and pinched myself when Deb explained that she had been offered her dream job and asked me if I wanted to look after things for her over here. I think the world of her and this is such a wonderful community that there was no question that I would say Yes. You guys are the best, and that [Read more…]

Freelance Writing Jobs for Thursday, June 5, 2008

Good morning FWJ Friends! I’ve got some magazine listings for you this morning. There are also some blogging gigs, jobs for content writers, proofreaders, and a research assistant internship. I hope you find your dream job listed here. Leads… Bloggers @ – Telecommute ($1,000-$2,000 per month) Kentucky Basketball Editors Wanted Coastal Living Magazine Accepting Queries ($1 per word + reasonable expenses) Accepting Story Pitches Family Fun Magazine Acceping Queries/Manuscripts ($1.25/word paid on acceptance) Special Project Editor @ GOOD – Temporary – West Hollywood, CA Copy Editor Who Loves Editing – Los Angeles Athlete/Activist Bloggers @ YouthNoise ($500 per [Read more…]

I've Been Remiss…

…I promised to announce the winners of the external hard drive for our List Contest. Life got in the way in a big way, but it’s moving aside for me now. Expect an announcement soon. My apologies…   Deb

Freelance Writing Jobs for Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Good morning FWJ Friends! Sorry leads are so late this morning; I forgot to set my alarm last night so I’m off to a later-than-usual start. Today I’ve got some editing and translation jobs, web content and business writing gigs, and some copywriting opps. There are a few magazines in the mix as well. I hope you find something interesting here. Leads… Mid-Level Copywriter Needed – Short Term Contract – On Site – San Francisco Freelance Writers @ East Bay Business Times SEO Blogger @ SEO Noobs TV and Movie Blogger @ DishPronto Experienced Financial Writer Wanted ($35-$50 per article) [Read more…]

Thinking Outside the Network Blog

Personally, I haven’t found it all that hard to find blogging work. There are a ton of blog jobs out there. Granted, some I’ve liked more than others, but it’s work. Many people I know aim for network blog jobs. Some aim for independent client blogs, some just apply to whatever they see on the job boards. Another idea, if you happen to be seeking blogging gigs, is to convince someone to hire you to create a specialty blog just for them. All kinds of business and non-profits have blogs, but for each business or non-profit that does have one, [Read more…]

Freelance Writing Jobs for Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Good morning FWJ Friends! I’ve got internships for you this morning, along with jobs for technical writers, a sports writer, proofreaders, content writers, and an opp for a business plan writer. Do you know your reptiles? There’s one job for someone with in-depth knowledge of all things scaly to write content and moderate a board. has openings in several subject areas they are looking to fill. Deb’s post yesterday about what’s holding you back from doing what you need to do to M.I.H. (Make It Happen) was a great one and certainly gave all of us food for thought. [Read more…]

Blogging Parents: What Are You Doing During the Summer?

Just curious, because I know many blogging parents. If you’re a full-time blogging parent… Do you put your kids in camp? Hire help (either for work, or for childcare)? Or do you just try to manage by working nights and weekends? I’ve been considering camp, but today my son flipped about it. We’re a single parent homeschooling family (as I’ve noted) so I’m used to balancing work with my son Cedar. However, his dad is currently being stingy with helping out (it’s his busy season at work) and I did think day camp would give me a nice break; as [Read more…] Lowers its Pay Rate for Bloggers

A month or two ago we started seeing a lot of ads looking for bloggers for They promised $5.00 per post, guaranteed for three months, plus bonuses now and again. The past couple of weeks, we noticed ads for changed from $5.00 per post, to $1.00 per post plus bonuses. So they lowered their rate of pay significantly in only a matter of weeks. I heard from many bloggers today that sent them a note telling them their rate has been lowered to $1.00 per post plus $2.00 per thousand page views. They said this was based [Read more…]

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