Writers Wanted for 500 Word Articles

Posted by Jodee Redmond

Looking for writers to create editorial style articles of approximately 500 words on topics related to world news through the view of Christian eschatology. Pay for articles is $10 – $20, with higher pay for longer articles.

Please send e-mail to larry.amon(at)gmail.com.


  1. Matteson says

    Jodee –

    I don’t know how to email you directly so I’m posting this in hopes you’ll get this note (you don’t need to post it on the board).

    I just sent a client to you. They are having trouble with ads being flagged on Craig’s List and they really need writers. I told them this website is an excellent source for quality writers and to contact you. Please email me directly and I’ll give you more info about the client and job.

    Thank you!

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