Blogger with Copywriting Experience Needed on an Ongoing Basis

Disclaimer: Please be advised the wording of this ad is straight from the employer and not anyone who works for FWJ -Deb

[Editor’s note: We know this ad seems a bit harsh. You try receiving irrelevant job applications all day! :) ]
We’re looking for a content writer/blogger to write blog posts for our various web sites in the following niches:
Personal Finance
Home Repair

We don’t care where you went to school, or what your education was, so please don’t send us resumes. IF you do, it means you don’t have basic reading comprehension skills, so we won’t be interested and your email will be ignored.

Instead, send us:
Links to blog posts you have written
Examples of other works

Also, please write two catchy headlines that would be the title of an article detailing why we should hire you.

Payment is based on a per post basis with bonuses for posts that go viral/popular (digg, mainstream media outlets, etc). Viral/Popular will be based on traffic to specific posts by you.

All work done on an independent contractor basis.

We look forward to hearing from you.
Contact [email protected] for details

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