Blogging through your mid-life crisis

Some might say I’m too young to have a mid-life crisis. In fact I was told that earlier today by a pal. Still, doesn’t it seem like lame stuff happens in waves?

I’ve been blogging poorly for two weeks now; something that I don’t normally do. At least, not since I started blogging years ago. If a bunch of life issues come crashing in on you, and you’re a blogger, it’s hard, at least for me, not to transfer that negative energy to my blogs. You can’t really do that. It’s not cool for your readers.

I used to have a job out in the real world; you know, the kind of job where you actually go into an office, see co-workers, hang out with clients, and so on. Now it’s just my computer and I, hanging in my home office. If I get down, there’s no one to distract me. It’s easier to dwell on what’s happening in my life.

That said I’ve been considering my options over the last two weeks. What can you do when life seems to be interfering with your blogging gigs?

What you can do:

Take a break: You can sort of take a break, or at least blog less. I tend to over blog at all my gigs (except one). By over blog, I mean, my client wants four posts a week, but I’ll do triple that to increase traffic. The last two weeks, I’ve been blogging the minimum. This is an ok short term solution.

Take a total break: I know a couple of bloggers who have had something icky happen and they ask their clients for some time of. I don’t consider this an option for me, but if you have a super big problem, it’s probably better to take the time off and regroup.

Think positive: Easier said than done, I know, but you can try. Everyone has lame stuff that happens, but everyone also has good stuff that occurs as well. Make a list of good things going on, in spite of the bad – slap it up on the wall. Stare at it.

Get out: I spend a lot of time in my home office. Yeah I leave, but not as much as I should. As a blogger, it always seems like you could be posting somewhere. Forget about that extra post you could do, and head out to lunch with a pal; go to the park, go inline skating, do something that doesn’t involve your laptop.

Exercise: The one good thing about my mini mid-life crisis is that I’ve pumped up my exercise routine. Seriously, I’ve been exercising two hours a day – no joke. My brain wouldn’t concentrate on blogging these last two weeks, and since I’m not just going to sit around, I’ve been working out more. It’s helped a lot. Being active will make you feel better and really reduce stress.

Prioritize: Paid gigs first. Personal gigs second. Your personal blogs might suffer some, but they don’t put food on the table. If you only feel like you can work a little, drop the least important stuff first. Another option is to drop the most stressful gig you have. If something has to give, it may as well be a gig you’re not as fond of.

Wait it out: Every crisis has an end point. Really. Do all the above and sit tight. Things will get better. I was feeling pretty down two weeks ago, but it’s all sort of swirling away at this point. If you can’t get it together after a few weeks, if life issues are really affecting your work, you should perhaps speak with a counselor. Don’t wait it out forever or lose work over life; you’ll only feel more down.

Have you ever felt like a bad blogger due to life issues? What do you do to work through it?


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    You are so not alone! I thought I was the only “manic-depressive” blogger. To fight it: I try to blog way ahead when I’m “high” on blogging so that I’ll have reserves when it’s difficult to even turn on the computer.

  2. says

    Ha, well, Sandy, I’m glad I’m not the only one who has issues. It feels like it at times. I actually don’t get down too often, even when stuff really sucks, so maybe that’s my issue. I wait and get so down all at once that everything goes bad, including work.

    I really think that’s a good idea to have some posts saved up, for sick or down days. I always mean to do that, but you know how it is – I should though. “High” on blogging – I like that :)

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    Hope everything clears up for you soon Jennifer. You’re one of the top bloggers around, so I have no doubt that you will climb right back out of this will the same flair you use with everything else.

    Thinking positive thoughts for you. :)

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