Freelance Writing Jobs for Thursday, July 24, 2008

Good morning FWJ Friends! I’ve got some internships for you today, along with opps for bloggers, editors, and proofreaders. Gigs for technical writers made the list, too. If you have medical or legal experience, there are leads posted today that you might be interested in. An employer is looking for someone who wants to write about solar energy.

Do any of these jobs have your name written all over them? I hope you find something that piques your interest on today’s list.


Good Luck!


  1. says

    Jodee — A nice list today. Thanks.

    Just a note: I believe the one titled “Freelance Editor/Assistant Editor Familiar with Avid Symphony” is actually a video editing job, not a text editing one. Avid is the name of a widely used nonlinear/computer-based video and multimedia editing platform. (I have a background in professional video production, so I’m up on all this geeky stuff. 😉 )

  2. says

    I applied for the script writing job… It’s up my alley, definitely. I noticed after I sent it that I repeated the phrase “as well” twice in one sentence (argh, how did I miss that???), but other than that I think my e-mail was solid. I hope I get it!

  3. says

    The Green Living Website Intern doesn’t look like an internship at all – just someplace looking for someone to work for free. They want someone who already has a B.A./B.S. so there is obviously no college credit involved.

  4. Nicole says

    Great list jodee!!! Couldn’t find anything I could qualify for; maybe tomorrow will bring me something. Thanks for helping us out!

  5. says

    Love the list today, Jodee! I also applied for the script writing gig as that’s my niche. Best of luck to you though, Roxie!

    Just curious, did anyone apply for the TV blogger from yesterday? If so, have you heard anything back yet? Just wondering.


  6. says

    The screenplay/script job is basically a scam/not a legit job… they divert you to a website on “reviewing ads” each of which takes 15 – 20 minutes, you make unlimited money bc you can work as much as you want, blah blah blah… I received a reply back today and I think it was from that job.

  7. says

    P.S. They did say on CL, “College students preferred,” go figure… “it’s a great way for anyone, (ie: college students) to make extra income!” Lol whatever.

  8. Stacie says

    Awesome leads today!!

    I agree totally about the college students part too. They may as well just say that they will pay you in quarters which are GREAT for doing your laundry.

  9. says

    I don’t wonder why Applicure requires writing samples and proof that applicants have been working steadily for 6 months, but I do wonder why they would need that, PLUS a completed written test.

  10. Jodee says

    @ Kitty: We had been having a problem with a few visitors here posting nasty comments when we post ads here on behalf of clients. An executive decision was made to disable comments for stand-alone ads.

    If anyone has a question or a concern about an ad posted here, please feel free to e-mail me and I will respond to them asap.

  11. says

    Jodee, the eHow “copy editor” ad actually links to an ad for article writers. They’re always looking for writers and occasionally run ads to drum them up. I write for them, actually. It’s a nice sideline gig.

    “Copy editors” to me suggests someone on the other end of the chain, processing the articles all those writers submit, and as one of their writers I’d be very interested to know if they’re actually looking for additional editors.

    So is that a verbal glitch on someone’s part, or was there another ad for copy editors somewhere and you’ve accidentally linked to the writers one? (Does that make sense?)

  12. says

    B2B Construction Magazine Writers Needed – Telecommute ($0.10 per word for first assignment; $0.16 per hour for subsequent assignments)

    This is a funny typo. “$0.16 per hour” is a little low and they really do mean per word. It’s correct in the write up.

  13. Jodee says

    @ Owen: I remember seeing that ad this morning and it was for copy editors. I’m not sure what happened to the link; they have changed the title at to read that they are looking for writers. You may want to follow up with your editor to find out more.

    @ Mark: I must have been in the zone this morning; although in my defense, I slept in until 6 and started working without getting my caffeine on. Good eye; I’ve changed it to $0.16 per word above.

  14. says

    I have steady work and haven’t actually applied for any new jobs in several years, but almost every single day I read freelance job leads and ads. Deciding that all eggs should not be in one basket forever, I could not resist applying for one that you posted in this list. Thanks for your hard work in producing these leads.

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