Giving back: Why I want to help FWJ

by Becky Scott

Who am I? I mean, really, who am I to think that I can teach all of you? I have gleaned a lot of great information from this community over the years, and I just want to give back a little. Or a lot.

I love to learn. Toss me a topic, tell me what you want to hear, and I’ll go look for it. And then I will return to share. My knowledge is useless unless I can share it.

I’ve struggled to learn how to be a good freelancer – a freelancer with steady work and decent pay. And I had help along the way from the more experienced. And now I’d like to give back.

Let me share with you what I’ve learned. The day to day struggles to find good work. Wrestling with words, phrases, pages. Print and online writing. Promotions. How to work your business. Where to get additional support. Letting you know you’re not alone.

I’m not perfect. I don’t know it all. But I promise to share with you as I continue to learn along the way. We’re colleagues. We’re in this writing life together. Let me share it with you.

Becky is a freelance writer and editor in San Diego, Ca. She writes about a variety of topics including business organization and productivity, automotive info for women, personal blogging and celebrity real estate gossip. Visit her online at


  1. says

    Hi #11 Thank you for this post. I for one would appreciate learning from you because your struggles sound similar to mine. I’d love to know about the good experiences and the bad, what worked and what didn’t. I especially love the fact that you are so willing to push beyond comfort zones to research and learn about the unknown. A willingness to learn is a great characteristic to display in a job interview.

  2. says

    I appreciate your honesty and your wanting to give back – I started FWJ to give back too! With that said….I still would have liked to learn a little bit more about how you can benefit this community. I look forward to learning more about you.

  3. Candidate #11 says

    @Jenny B – thanks. I hope I can help others with what I’ve experienced and what I’ll see in the future.

    @#4 – thank you.

    @Deb – I’m sorry that this didn’t give you enough detail. I hope that sharing my struggles and frustrations, and offering positive, concrete solutions will help other FWJ readers. I want others to learn from what has – and hasn’t – worked for me as a freelancer. I’ve noticed a lot of people mentioning the transition from full-time work to freelancing. Since I built my business as I was working in another industry, I can talk about what I did: what worked and what didn’t, mistakes I made that they can avoid, and ways to run a business with limited time and resources.

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