Monday Markets for July 14, 2008

by Jodee Redmond

Here are your Monday Markets for July 14, 2008. Good luck to everyone who decided to query these publications.

If anyone has tips or hints they would like to share about pitching a print magazine, please feel free to share them. Do stop by to let us know if you are successful in selling a piece to any of the publications on today’s list.

Home Education Magazine

From the Web Site:

Home Education Magazine is an award-winning publication for homeschooling families, or for anyone who enjoys living and learning.

General article length is 900 to 1,700 words, but we do occasionally accept longer articles. We prefer completed articles to query letters. Unless your query is clearly not about homeschooling, you will be asked to submit the completed article. Samples of previously published material are not necessary.

Any topic of interest to homeschoolers will be considered. Please be aware that we have the most widely diverse readership in the homeschooling community, and our content reflects that diversity. We do not run articles that preach to homeschoolers from an “expert” perspective nor are we looking for articles that bash the public school system. We prefer articles that outline a problem your family has faced and solved (solving is necessary), stories about successful learning adventures, information that will help other homeschoolers (college application, cooperative classes), project-oriented articles with specific suggestions for readers to follow, musings on life as a homeschooler, new developments in the homeschool community, articles from a particular perspective (single-parent, dad, grandparent) or any other topic that encourages or gives fresh, new ideas.

We welcome articles from inexperienced writers, especially mothers with homeschooling experience. Regardless of what you were taught in high school English classes, writing is nothing particularly mysterious. It’s only another form of communication. If you can clearly explain your ideas to a friend, you can write a good article for our magazine. Our voice is from homeschoolers to homeschoolers, so you don’t need to be an education expert or an English major to write for us.

Pays $50-$100 for feature articles (900-1,700 words)

Milwaukee Magazine

From the Web Site:


  1. We are interested in timely stories about current issues, local personalities, area business, sports, healthcare, education, politics, arts and culture, architecture and urban life, history, food, shopping, music and nightlife, recreation and the environment. We are particularly looking for writers who can deliver brightly written, well-researched service articles but are also interested in investigative stories from qualified reporters. Full-length feature stories run 2,500-5,000 words; if your query leads to an assignment, we’ll specify what length we’re looking for. We pay $700-$2,000.
  2. We are also in the market for two-page “breaker” stories, which are often short on copy (less than 1,500 words) and long on visuals.
  3. Stories for our front-of-book Insider section range from expos�s to amusing slices of local life to interesting people profiles. We’re looking for stories you won’t find in other local publications and unconventional angles on the current scene. Freelance writers often begin their association with Milwaukee Magazine here. These stories usually run no more than 650 words and pay $50-$225. Query Assistant Editor Caroline Goyette. Mini-reviews for our Reviews page are assigned by Senior Editor Ann Christenson. Mini-reviews run no longer than 125 words and pay $50.

Learning Through History Magazine

From the Website:

earning Through History magazine is a bi-monthly publication that is filled with articles and activities that correspond to historical themes or time periods.

Our subscribers are typically families, teachers, schools and libraries. Our readers range from ages 10-16, grades 5 and up.

We are looking for focused and exciting articles, rather than broad factual surveys (aka history textbook style) that will engage our young readers. They should be written at an appropriate grade-level given our readership – middle school through high school with reading level not to exceed the 9th grade if using Word.

Articles should be 1000-1400 words and include at least three meaningful discussion questions or activity suggestions that can be used with the article.

Pays $75 per article

Cerca Magazine

From the Web Site:

Cerca magazine promotes enjoyment and respect for the region surrounding Las Vegas, primarily within 300 miles, including parts of Nevada, Utah, Arizona, and Southern California. It does not accept material about casinos, resorts, or gambling but is interested in the region’s natural beauty and opportunities for outdoor recreation, its wildlife, its small towns, and its history. It seeks free-lance contributions from the best photographers in these fields and from professional writers.

Cerca needs both photos and stories on scenic areas, outdoor adventures, interesting small towns, back road trips, hikes, scientific and educational subjects uniquely linked to this region, Native American people of this region, and a few personalities who have made unique contributions to the region.

In most cases contributors cover an assignment for a pre-arranged fee and work at their own pace. Rarely, Cerca agrees to pay day rate, $500 for photographers and $300 for writers. By prearrangement, Cerca pays reasonable expenses but requires documentation.

On package deals where the amount owed is clear upon acceptance, we pay at that point. In cases where the amount owed depends on flexible factors such as number of photos we select or display we are able to give them, we will pay promptly on publication.


  1. says

    I have tried writing for Learning Through History and they are basically not responsive as editors. The setup is not conducive to good writer/editor relationships because they do not answer e-mail queries and do not get back to the writer about whether or not the article is accepted for publication. I would steer very far away from that magazine because I have not had any feedback from them even after numerous queries. Not to give a reply is, to me as a professional writer who has been published for good pay (and much better than they offer), simply rude.

  2. Chari says

    I did hear back from the people at Learning Through History but it took a LONG time. They rejected my article but said I’d made the “second read” list and suggested I try again.
    I, too, have made more than they pay for an article but I enjoyed the subject, sent it off and went on to other projects. I will probably try them again.
    Sounds like they are non responsive to queries and slow to respond to articles. I try to not take any of it personally.

  3. Chad says

    Thank you to Jodee for posting the articles and to Anne and Chari for posting their experiences. As a somewhat new writer it is extremely helpful to see what others are going through when they query specific markets. I may still send a query to Learning Through History but, if I don’t hear anything back, at least I’ll know it isn’t necessarily something I’m doing wrong.

  4. Kathy says

    as a beginning freelancer I’ve been coming to this site for a few months now and enjoy reading all the leads. I’ve been writing on a volunteer basis for a non profit for the past year or so. I was interested in the Cerca magazine market posted above with a view to sending a query about travels I’ve done in the Utah area and went on their website. Given that the last magazine published was in the fall of 2003, I’m wondering if this magazine has folded?

  5. Katherine says

    Learning Through History accepted my article first time out. It did take a bit to hear back from them. They did not end up using it due to space constraints but they paid me a kill fee. In my opinion it is best to send a completed article as I did the first time. If you have not read the magazine it is best to send for a sample to get a feel for what they are looking for.

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