Successful Writer Seeks Thriving Community

by Terreece Clarke

The FWJ community is a lucky lot. You have the opportunity to pick from an extremely talented pool of writers for a new bi-weekly blogger. The tough part for all of you now and for the next several weeks is to decide on what you’re looking for in a blogger.  All of the writers in the running have skill and experience, but what separates #3 from the pack?

I am fluid, focused and tough.

FWJ needs the type of writer who can appeal to a broad range of writers with credibility and style. My writing career has thrived because of my ability to be flexible. I’ve written blogs, magazine, web and newspaper articles, book and movie reviews, brochures, corporate memos, resumes, cover letters and press releases. I’ve edited all of the above and more. I know when a subject could use a little humor and when it is best to give it to the audience straight. When a subject or trend comes up that I’m not familiar with, I research it, learn it, use it and teach it.

Laser-sharp focus is key to serving the community well. Our relationship will be like that of two lovers – when we’re together, I only have eyes for you. I’ll cover and go beyond evergreen topics. We’ll follow trends and technology affecting freelancers and we’ll talk about keys to successful freelancing in several different genres. My work for FWJ will be more than a paying gig. It will be a passion.

I’ve spent almost 10 years building a freelance writing career and in that time I’ve been through so many experiences, I can truly identify with and help my fellow writers: I’ve written with and without children, had more gigs and money coming in than I could handle, lost more gigs and money than I want to remember. I’ve been hired and fired. I’ve gone from part-time, extra-money-on-the-side writing to main-bread-winner-if-I-don’t-work-we-don’t-eat writing. I can take a critique and I can give one.

FWJ’s community is a living, breathing organism. It will continue to grow and evolve and the next Freelance Writing Jobs blogger has to be ready to not only go with the flow of what writers want to read and talk about, the next blogger has to be ready to steer the community in the direction of what they should be reading and thinking about.

I’m tough, focused, flexible, passionate and highly skilled. Let me work for and with you.


  1. #4 says

    #3, this is quite persuasive and comprehensive. Very well done! My only concern is that your “Laser-sharp focus…” paragraphs seems to promise coverage of a broad range of topics rather than a niche. Don’t get me wrong–there’s nothing wrong with broad coverage–but I got the impression from this post that you didn’t have a niche (perhaps you do).

  2. says

    Great post! I agree with #4 that it sounds like you’ll cover a broad range of topics, which is fine in my opinion, but there really should be niche tying everything together for continuity. From your broad range of experience, I’m guessing you have one. I’d like to know what that is.

    Again, nicely done! Best of luck!

  3. #3 says

    #4 Thanks for the compliment! That is my niche for FWJ – I do intend to cover a broader range of freelance writing topics. Because I have extensive experience in several genres I am in the position where I can not only give news, tips and advice I can move seamlessly between the genres to better serve the community as a whole.

    Without giving my secret identity away – in my personal freelancing career I do have 3 niches I focus on and one is all things freelance. I hope that defines me a little bit more for ya!

  4. says

    Excellent post #3! Keeping one’s identity is tricky. I’m pleased to see the broad range of coverage and I’m also glad to hear that you do have 3 specific niches which of course you can not reveal to us at this time.

    All the best in the competition.

  5. #3 says

    Kristy Thank you! Don’t worry I won’t bound around the blog willey-nilley, I have a plan :0)

    Jenny The identity thing is difficult, I tend to use certain turns of phrase and had to find a way to refer to my experience without blowing cover. :0)

    Deb I’m glad you liked it! That pleases me to no end. This whle contest has been really, really fun. I’m glad I joined up!

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