Talented, Fast and Dedicated Authors Needed Immediately

Are you a test prep tutor with a special technique or style? Do you know a particular test inside and out and want to share your knowledge with the world? Do you have an easy-going, conversational writing style? Or maybe you’re just a writer with a passion for teaching… we want you!

PrepLogic, a test prep company based in Tampa, Florida, is looking for freelance authors to help us create a new kind of product for the educational test prep industry.

We’re looking for authors of all types and talents, but we’d really love to hear from test prep tutors and those who scored high on the GRE, GMAT, LSAT and the more popular AP tests, like AP US History, AP Biology, and AP European History.

This position pays between $12 and $22 a page, depending on experience and writing style.

Send Christopher Parker an email with your resume and a few relevant writing samples. We look forward to hearing from you! E-mail address is chris.parker(at)preplogic.com.

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