Unofficial International WordPress Day

Hey, I had no idea, but today is Unofficial International WordPress Day. I noticed this before July 1 ended, so I can officially post about it. Oh, and yes it is still July 1 where I am. I’m one of those weird bloggers living in the Northwest. It seems like all my blog pals live on the East Coast… But I digress.

Oddly, earlier today I got into a lengthy discussion with a client about why I can’t stand Drupal as a blog platform, which believe me, is about four posts in itself, so we won’t go there. I’m trying to get said client to switch to WP, because I think it’s the most blogger friendly of all the platforms I’ve worked with. I also think that when it’s set up correctly, it’s a very nice reader-friendly platform.

Since I’m a big old fan of WordPress, but not the only blogger on the planet, I thought I’d put the question out there: Which blog platform do most of your clients use? Which is your favorite? Would you turn down a blogging gig if a client used a platform you hate?

I lied. That was three questions. Feel free to pick and choose.


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    I had one client who used the dreaded Drupal (but is switching and wants me to come back), the rest used WordPress. I never had a client who used Blogger, TypePad or any of the others -it’s been WordPrss all the way.

    And really, thank goodness for that. I heart WordPress so much – it’s just so easy to use and customize.

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    Let’s see. I use WP, and I’ve used Expression Engine, Vignette, Typepad, and Blogger. And Vox.

    WP is one of the most user-friendly systems out there (so is Vox, but it’s only for blogs hosted on their site). And it’s super search engine-friendly. I get a lot more search hits on my WP-run blog since I switched over from EE.

    I have yet to try Drupal. But WP is so easy to install, and the themes make it so easy to customize. Highly recommend it.

    Oh, and fellow west-coaster (and b5er) here!

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