Use Social Networking to Bring Traffic to Your Network Blog

Many busy network bloggers avoid some of the social networking communities because they feel all the time spent socializing and networking takes away from other things. It’s why I didn’t get involved with FaceBook and MySpace and why I was reluctant to try Twitter.

I use these networks more now to help promote radio segments for BlogTalkRadio than I did as a blogger. I have to tell you, they work. Yes they take up more time, but not much. I’m noticing great traffic through Twitter, our BTR Yahoo Group and yes, even MySpace and FaceBook. For me, I spend at least an hour a day at social networks – but that’s what I’m paid to do. As a blogger you don’t need to spend near as much time, though it’s in your best interest to stop by at least once or twice a week.

Here are a few ways you can promote your blog using social networks:

  • Twitter: Send out a tweet to your follows with links to your blog.
  • Facebook – Every now and then when you have an especially big post, send it out as an “event” on Facebook and invite your friends to take part.
  • MySpace – Update your MySpace blog with links to your regular blog posts. Add fellow bloggers as frinds.

These are just three simple things that together take minutes at a time. The more social networking sites you take part in, the better your chances of driving more traffic to your blog. My only issue is that I’m afraid of being too spammy which is why I try to balance out the promotion with fun and conversation.

Try adding social networking to your blogging schedule, all you need is an extra 15 to 30 minutes a week – if that. Make sure you have plenty of friends to follow and vice versa. Then come back and tell me if you noticed a difference in traffic. I’ll bet the answer is yes.

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