What makes you a good blogger?

Yesterday I posted Blogging through your mid-life crisis – a post in which I noted that thinking positive is one way to get out of a slump/mid-life crisis.

In appreciation of that, this week’s get to know you question is: What are three things that make you a good (or great) blogger?

I think that many people tend to focus on negatives. When it comes to other bloggers we like, we notice the positives right away, but when it comes to our own blogging style or blogs, it seems at times, that we focus on our negatives more often than the positives. So today, let’s focus on the positives. Of course, I’ll go first…

1. I never run out of ideas: Seriously. I’ve got something like 8+ blogs, and I never run out of ideas for posts; not even on my tricky topic blogs. My mind is always spinning, always full of slants; and for that I am pretty thankful.

2. I’m approachable: I blog like I talk, I’m social, I’m casual, and I’m usually pretty nice (unless you make me mad). Being approachable is a good blogger trait, I think, because you draw more comments, make lots of blogger pals, and find new gigs easily.

3. I don’t fib: I don’t post that I like something if I don’t, I won’t post that I did something if I didn’t, and I don’t try to embellish issues. I want my readers to trust me and my opinions. I sometimes run across blogs that seemed unreal or somehow phony, or I’ll read something that the blogger later contradicts and it drives me crazy. I’m of the mind-set that this is me blogging, take it or leave it. Yeah, I won’t smack talk about people by name, but that’s less of a lie, and more of a take the high-road issue. I just don’t think it’s necessary to lie or exaggerate in order to blog well, so I don’t.

Now you; it’s time to think positive. What are three things that make you a good blogger?


  1. says

    You forgot to mention the best thing (to me, at least) about your blogging. Your enthusiasm for whatever subject you’re discussing leaps off of the page. You can’t fake that.


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