Who Got the Hooch? I Do!

by Carly Schuna

Not to be presumptuous, Freelance Writing Jobs community, but I am guessing that you want a new blogger who’s got the hooch.

Besides the sweetest thing in the world, what exactly is the hooch? I am not trying to be dirty here, so please don’t go look up the word on the Urban Dictionary… shoot, there goes all my traffic.

But seriously, pause with me here for a moment and consider “the hooch” as the band Everything penned it.

The working day was long
And the road is grinding on…
And the simple truth so very much clearer.

Remember college literature class? Let’s deconstruct these lyrics in plain English.

When you’re a freelancer, either part-time or full-time, with kids or without, in pajamas or power suit, your working day is long. Brother (and sister), I hear you. Freelancers are like superheroes—to your family and friends, you’re Clark Kent, and all you do every day is sit around in glasses and look strapping. Behind closed (office) doors, though, you turn into Superman. As a FWJ blogger, I want do my very best to unite the superheroes in us all despite our long and arduous working days. Through the years, this community has helped elevate my own knowledge from iffy to exemplary, and I want to give back!

So yes, those working days are long. But hark! The road is grinding on… oh, yes it is. When you whistle the tune of the freelancer, it’s by choice. So I don’t want to carve a presence here to whine about bogus clients or post long, drawn-out details of experiences that apply only to me… I want to be here to make the simple truth so very much clearer. I’ll do that through my niche (and yes, I do have one, and it’s a mind-blowingly awesome one, but I can’t reveal it because I need to keep my identity secret… see, there’s the superhero motif again). Suffice it to say that I’ll give you straight-up info, always try my best to help, go out of my way to engage your creativity, never assume that I’m always right, and pledge not to waste your time with under-edited posts.

And finally…

The good vibes flow from me to you
The evening turns to night
The fire and moonlight
The dance of all who came before.

Oh, yeah. Do you hear that? It’s the good vibes flowing from me to you. If you choose me as your blogger, FWJ, we will craft an elite virtual flow of information, tips, guidelines, suggestions, and perhaps a few good-natured arguments. We’ve probably got just as many newbies on this site as we have veterans, and I’m pretty sure we can learn from everyone, whether they are just beginning or have spent years doing the (freelance writing) dance.

Got it? If “it” is the hooch, I certainly do.

(P.S. I won’t begrudge you guys if you also award me a few points for my abilities to entertain and put a creative spin on topics… just sayin’.)


  1. Karen says

    So far I think only #10 truly gets this is a job interview. The above post is entertaining and all but I don’t know if I would hire a candidate for having the hooch.

    When I read the question about what the candidates can do for this community I saw said candidate sitting in an office across from the interview team (Deb, Jodee…maybe even us). To be honest, I would be a little put off if I asked the applicant why she wanted to work for me and she said, “Because I have the hooch.” No matter how sweet or freshy freshy I’m not sure it’s the most professional approach to take, even with it all spelled out for me.

    Good luck #4 I hope your hooch works in your favor.

  2. #4 says

    Karen, thanks! I appreciate your comments. Duly noted. And thank you for taking the time to read and consider my post.

  3. Contestant #2 says

    I liked your entertaining spin. I read right down to the bottom…not always an easy feat to accomplish with some readers.

  4. #4 says

    #2, I appreciate that! I viewed our very first posts as more of a job interview and this post as something with which I could be both fun and informative. So thank you again.

  5. says

    It’s not a *bad* post, but it doesn’t seem to be what one would talk about for a job interview… or maybe I am not understanding the way the post is meant to sound.

  6. says

    Well..it’s an interesting and surprising approach for sure. There’s something to be said about daring to be different.

  7. #4 says

    Cindy, thanks for your comment. I don’t think you’re misunderstanding… perhaps I was misunderstanding the topic this week! I simply wanted to use this post in an entertaining way to describe some of the things I would try to do if I were to become a regular blogger for FWJ. That was my personal interpretation of “how you can benefit FWJ.”

    Deb, thanks, I think. :) Faint praise is sure better than no praise at all! I’ll take what I can get. Honestly, though, thanks for commenting. I didn’t realize you intended our posts this week to be like actual job interviews… otherwise I would have been a LOT more formal. Since you just used the example of a job interview in your intro for the topic this week, though, I didn’t make the full connection. Oops! I’m willing to pay the price if necessary, so I guess we’ll see how the votes turn out!

  8. Louise says

    I voted for your last two posts, and for the humorous assignemnt yours was the only one I was interested in reading because of its title. But this post I didn’t finish. (Sorry.) In the beginning it just didn’t seem to answer the question why you should be hired so I stopped reading.

    And I always thought “hooch” was another name for alcohol so I read your post to see how having hooch/alcohol relates to a job interview.

    Anyway, I hope that you remain in the running. Good luck.

  9. #4 says

    Louise, thank you for your votes during the last two weeks. I appreciate knowing that you didn’t finish this post… I have learned that I certainly shouldn’t try this approach again! :) In retrospect, I think I should have written something different, so I agree with you.

    Interesting that you thought of hooch that way. I always knew it only in the context of the song. I don’t drink at all, so I wouldn’t be much of an authority for how alcohol could relate to a job interview.

    I hope I remain in the running, too. Thanks again.

  10. says

    I also found this post a little off-putting. I like the humor part, that at least was good. I’ve fallen off the band wagon the last few weeks with voting though, because some of these posts are needlessly long and I just didn’t feel many of them had the quality for what I think the person in this new role should have.

    I figured this week’s assignment was a great one to get me back into the swing of voting and I was seriously looking forward to seeing how *you* could benefit *me*. That’s the point of this whole thing, after all.

    That said, I have no idea what you would bring to the table. Yes, you’re funny in some ways; however, I would have preferred you keep the superhero mantle to yourself and tell me what your niche is. THAT is what we care about as readers. Not someone telling us they will this or they will that.

    My apologies if this seems harsh, but since Deb has made the comment that she’d like to see more of us voting, perhaps the issue needs to be addressed that there’s not much worth voting for. I don’t feel many of the candidates have addressed the assignments in a way that really benefits this community. Just my two cents worth.

  11. Terry says

    You linked out to Urban Dictionary and the definitions there for “hooch” are mostly related to alcohol or weed. So from the get-go, this post confused me. I think of “hooch” as alcohol or sleazy. Therefore, I don’t think that’s what I want in a freelance writer 😉 The post was definitely unique though!

  12. says

    Nevermind what I think of when someone say hooch. Anyhoo… 😉

    What I got out of this was that your plan is to make us laugh and entertain. I don’t think that would be bad. I am always up for a good laugh.

  13. says

    This was the first post that grabbed my attention and offered something different. That’s why I read the whole thing. As someone who have had to interview a lot of applicants before, sometimes formal can be boring and I find myself looking for an applicant who can make me laugh. Hope the others will also find your humor to be a good thing.

    Good luck!

  14. says

    The creative spin didn’t work for everyone, but I think you still answered the question. In the midst of the humor were answers about what you will do for *us* and WHY you want to do it. I don’t remember seeing anyone else address WHY, but I could be mistaken.

    You shared with us that you have benefited from this blog and you want to give back. You clearly know how to gracefully handle replies that are not praise. You have a niche area you can share with us, but can’t reveal due to the rules. I am guessing it has to do with writing (don’t answer that) – which is a definite benefit to the community. You have a sense of humor, and you recognize that you need to reach the ‘old timers’ and the newbies, the part-timers and the full-timers, as well as the work-from-homers and the work-outside-the-homers.

    Above all else, you will give us substance – practical information we can use – not just fluff or things that only apply to you.

    That is all great information to know about you, #4! Thanks for including such a wealth of information in such a light-hearted post. That takes true talent.

  15. Ann G. says

    Hooch for me is what they always call alcohol in the old blues songs, so that’s the first thing I thought of. Then all I could do was snicker because I do have days when I want to grab some “hooch” out of my fridge and forget what happened during the day!

  16. #4 says

    Kristy, all of those things are really helpful (honestly) for me to know. I think I went about this week’s assignment all wrong, but I have to roll with the punches, so we’ll see how it goes. But if I could do it again, I would change my approach.

    I agree that it would have been helpful for the community to hear about each of the candidate’s niches. But I didn’t feel I could reveal my niche without revealing my identity, since our niches (for those who pitched them) are all listed in the original FWJ idol post.

    I’m glad you took the time to weigh in and give me your thoughts.

    Terry, ouch, I hope I’m not sleazy. 😉 But honestly, I swear I had no idea that’s what hooch meant! I only knew the song (and now I can’t get it out of my head……)

    Amy, thanks! I do always aim to entertain as well as inform. I know that I’m always happy to laugh, so I hope others are, too. With that said, I should have probably provided more substance in this post.

    Jaq, thank you. I’m very capable of being formal when formal is called for, and I didn’t think this week was one of those occasions, but maybe it was…. in any case, I’m glad you liked my approach.

    Dani, whew! I’m wiping my brow right now because your comment just nailed every one of my objectives with this post. The fact that the package wasn’t right for most of the readers is a signal to me that I should try something different next time, but you have no idea what a relief it is to know that at least one person got my aim! Thank you.

    Ann, LOL. I’m so totally out of the alcohol-related loop that I don’t even know any of the slang terms. But I definitely have that feeling where I sometimes just want to hide under the covers and zone out completely!

  17. says

    Hooch isn’t a word that I was familiar with, however I did read through the rest of the post. I grasped some of your qualities but sadly, not all of them although Dani’s comments helped to clarify.

  18. says

    I wanted to make one more comment, and you really don’t have to reply, #4 – I just think it needed to be said.

    I have been so impressed with your humble, kind, and genuine replies to the comments on this post. For many who commented, the post didn’t work, but you have been nothing but a true gentlewoman/gentleman in your replies.

    Not only is that impressive to me because it says a lot about you and how you can benefit this community by ‘putting out fires’ and showing readers their comments and thoughts are ‘being heard’ (the message rather than the packaging is being seen), but it also is a great teaching tool for people like me who are looking for positive and productive ways to deal with negative feedback and criticism on our own blogs/websites/articles.

    Thank you!

  19. says

    For many years I have wondered what it would be like to leave my home now again, feeling tired of the words and deadlines and e-mails asking why the invoice has not been paid in ninety days.

    When it feels the most mundane and tiresome, I get a new assignment – possibly a new and unknown topic, and my own little world of writing once again feels new and fresh. This is when I remember exactly why I stay on this path. Your post reminded me of how I feel about what I choose to do each and every day.

    Your hooch is fresh, and sometimes a little freshness is exactly what you need to not only get the job, but also to get the job done.

    Well done.

  20. Candidate #1 says

    You entertained me… all the way to the end. I liked your approach. The title caught my attention, the writing was unique and entertaining, and you made me laugh. What’s more, you managed to create conversation — both good and bad, and you handled ALL the comments well. You earned a thumbs up from me. :)

  21. Louise says

    Ok, I have now read this in its entirety and I like it. I should have given it a chance when I first started to read it but, as I said, it didn’t seem to answer the assignment question. But I now see that it does. And there were some lines in this that I really liked.

    For this assignment your post is the most memorable and for me that is important even if you took a more unconventional route. Once again, I wish you good luck.

  22. #4 says

    Jenny and Dani, thanks again, guys!

    Aurora, wow… that is a huge compliment! It makes me feel great to know that this post served as a reminder of why you love writing. More and more often, I feel like everything I write has somehow been done before, so I always try to really push myself to come up with something new and original (or at least an original way to approach a topic). I’m glad that came through for you in my post this week.
    P.S. I love, love, love the name Aurora!

    #1, that’s really nice of you. Thanks! :)

    Louise, you have no idea how much it means to me that you came back to give my post another chance! Next time I hope to grab you on the first go-round, but I’m grateful that you gave me the benefit of the doubt and a second read this week. You taught me that I may need to work harder to bring up something relevant sooner in my future articles (both in general and for this site if I make the vote).

  23. Candidate #11 says

    Well, #4, we both have something to learn from our approaches this week, eh? I think I mostly got what you were saying, though. But I’m not sure whether to give points or take them away for getting that song stuck in my head. 😉

  24. #4 says

    #11, LOL… I still can’t get it out of my head. 😉 Thanks for commenting! Yes, I guess we need to rethink next week’s posts!

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