Kids Sci-fi, Science and History Writers

We are looking for kids sci-fi, science and history writers for a new project in development. This posting is also available at

What is the website?

We are producing a new subscription-based website for kids ages 8 to 13, created to investigate the extraordinary, uncanny, unexplained and the unusual in our world. Our global network of young “agents” work together to explain the unexplained, to crack open the truth, and to further scientific study. Through understanding the world by testing, thinking, discussing and reviewing, we seek to build a new generation of strong, inquisitive and thoughtful citizens of the world.

How does it work?

Kids are recruited to become special agents. As special agents, kids have access to loads of information, activities, videos, and plenty of opportunities to communicate with fellow agents in order to complete assigned missions. Throughout the experience, agents can earn badges and experience points by participating in the overall mission of the agency. The most active agents will rank up to unlock even more content and opportunities.

We’re looking for freelance children’s writers

We’re looking to build an online network of “field agents” who’ll write articles and posts that explore a single topic of interest across science and natural and human history. Articles can explore past or current discoveries and events, and are written in a way that challenge our young member agents to respond, discuss and dig deeper.

Writers will contribute using a unique agent name. Based on the subject, our educational team will then craft additional follow up activities that further engage members. Our science and history advisory team will validate any factual or scientific information. Our community managers will then engage with members to further facilitate discussions and responses.

What topics and themes will we explore?

Our website is about investigation, analyzing evidence, developing theories, and seeking proof. The more mysterious, questionable and exciting the topic, the better. Writers will be assigned (or suggest) a range of topics and theme areas including:

-Unsolved mysteries and weird occurrences in science and history
-Hidden meanings and codes
-Conspiracies, top secret organizations, societies and information
-Missing links in evolution, creatures, urban legends, myths and monsters
-Alternate realities, futures and possibilities
-The fantastic, unusual and unexplained
-Interviews with historians, experts, witnesses, and famous figures
Fees and usage:

Compensation averages $50-100 CAD per article (approximately 500-1,000 words) per use online. This is also dependent on the writer’s experience. In some cases, selected articles will be reprinted for other uses (print publications, installations). Additional usage fees will be negotiated with the writer on a case basis.

Please send resumes and writing samples to [email protected] No phone calls please.


  1. says

    As an educator who minored in science, this sounds like a really fun gig. Has anyone here from the United States taken a Canadian client before? Is the money conversion a hassle, or is it no big deal?

  2. says

    Actually I applied through About Freelance before I scrolled down to see this topic and it said the email did not exist. I don’t know what happened. I put the email name in correctly and all. ???

  3. Jodee says

    @ Michelle,

    I have communicated with this client through the e-mail account provided in the ad and it worked just fine. Why don’t you try sending your message again.

  4. Stephanie says

    I have read this ad a dozen times and the more I read it the more I want to apply, but as a newbie starting out I don’t even have a clue on how best to compose a resume as a freelancer that would get noticed…

  5. Byrhtwold says

    Oooh, shiny. Will look forward to reading that Jodee – suspect that my cover-letter/resume for this app. were not ideal.

    Anyone heard back from these people yet?

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