How Much Time Do You Spend on Social Media and Social Networking Promotion?

If you know me, you know I spend lots of time on Twitter. I also spend time at various other social networking and social media sites and forums. When I first began working from home, social networking was a way to stave off loneliness as I was missing the camaraderie from my office jobs. Now, I find it an absolute must if I want to turn others on to my blog posts and podcasts.

I spend at least a good hour each day visiting different social networking sites to chat or share links. I discussed this with many others while at BlogWorld last weekend and we all felt it was well worth it. In fact, for my podcasts and many of my blogs posts, Twitter is a top referrer of traffic.

I’m going to be getting more into social media and social networking here in the upcoming days. We’ll be discussing tips for visiting social networking sites, whether it’s important, the best sites for your blogs, how to be active in forums, how to get other bloggers to link to you and more. In the meantime, I’d love to know how much time you spend social networking. Do you find it’s worth the hours you put into it?


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