Authors for Children’s Stories Wanted

Calling All Children’s Authors

Are you an aspiring or accomplished children’s author?

Story Something is going to be the world’s biggest and best community for children’s stories – but with a (big) twist. More on that soon.

To get us started, we’re looking to commission up to 100 short stories for children between the ages 3 and 8.


Please submit the following:

* Name
* Previous publications, if any (please do not let this deter you as we are most interested in the quality of your work)
* Story Sample: 250 words or so
* Age group for 250 word submission

Our editors will review and get back to you regarding specifics and next steps.

Please send your stories or questions to: authors at storysomething dot com.

Author FAQ

1. What is Story Something?

Story Something is a new and different online world of stories designed for busy parents of children aged 3-8. Parents, like us, who love their children 10x more than the time they have to spend with them.
2. Why Story Something?

Because stories spark the imagination of children.

Because busy parents like us don’t have ready access to new and imaginative stories, every day.

Because the bedtime ritual is so very special and we think we can make it magical every night, too.

Because there is a hero in all of us. Even mom and dad.
3. When are you launching? Where are you based?

We’re launching in mid- November. We’re a global company based in beautiful Vancouver, BC.
4. What kinds of stories are you looking for?

All kinds, but in particular stories that are full of energy and have a hero (or s-hero). Stories with lessons or morals are good too. Some examples below but feel free to use your imagination. Just remember to think about the age of the child you are writing for. As you know there is a huge difference between and 3 year old and an 8 year old.

* To the Rescue: police, princess, prince, dragon, dinosaur, etc.
* Superheroes
* Sports heroes: Football champ, Karate Kid, Baseball hitter etc
* Fun with friends: Best friends, Playdates, Making friends, Friends of all ages, Differences are to be cherished etc.
* Going Places: Zoo, Doctor, School, Vacation, Grandparents, Plane, etc.
* Celebrating Good Times: Diwali, Rosh Hashanah, Christmas, Eid, Birthday, Bar Mitzvah, Halloween, Easter etc
* People we Love: Friends and Family, the day you were born,
* the day you said your first word, the day mommy and daddy got
* married, the day your little sister was born
* Pet tales: Dog adventures, Cat Cuddles, Horse saves the day, Bunny Tales etc.
* Mind your Manners: Tattle tales, Bullies are Bad, Saying Sorry, Teaching Thanks, Table Talk etc.

5. Will Authors be paid if they are selected?

Yes. The specific economics will soon be determined but we hope to be pay over $100 per short story, minimum. It depends on the quality and quantity produced. Authors will also be featured and promoted in our community with bio pages, etc.


  1. Thank you for this posting. It suits me well!

  2. “who love their children 10x more than the time they HAVE to spend with them” ?!

    THAT deters me. I’m raising my cousin, I’m not even her mom and I love the time I choose to spend with her. I do hope it’s a good lead though.

    • I don’t think they used the term “have to”, as in “am required to”. I think they meant “have to” as in, “have available to”.

  3. Thank you Jodee. I wonder if you can still submit your stories to publishers if they are used on this site. Great Lead!

  4. hi. Thanks for the comments.

    Re: submitting to publishers. At this stage, yes. We want to produce original stories so most likely, it won’t be an issue. But in the end, it will be your call if you wish to move forward with us.

    Re: time spent with kids. First, good for you for taking on that responsibility. We simply mean that we love our kids more than anything else in the world and we wish we had more time to be great parents.


    The story something team.

  5. When I read the ad I assumed that you meant that you loved your kids more than anythng etc. so I was not concerned about applying.

  6. I agree with Jenny.. they mean the time you HAVE available to spend with them. =}

  7. What a great idea!

  8. Found this on I am concerned if the righs to the content are owned by the site,how can the story be published by other entities? I think the site is a great idea -just have to think about what is submitted.

    6. Who owns the submitted stories?
    Since these will be original stories commissioned and paid for by Story Something, Story Something will own the rights to this content. But again, authors will be featured, promoted, etc across the community and it is our hope that they receive accolades, joy and perhaps a career boost by participating in the Story Something community.

  9. This is wonderful! Exactly what I have been looking for

  10. Hello,

    Just wondering, do accept stories from anywhere. I live in the UK. Great idea by the way, I have many stories for young children.



  11. Oh, I’m not quite sure about this ‘authors at storysomething dot com’, it says I can send stories and questions to it, the phrase is not clickable and there doesn’t appear to be a website I guess I’m being a little thick, can someone enlighten me please.



  12. I’ll send them Chapter 1 of “Cocoa the Maa Cat”. That should be fun!

  13. Hi Paul,

    I emailed them at the address they provided and it seemed to work.


  14. I was just wondering is there a certain date you need to have your sample in by?

  15. Please can you tell me how I can submit a sample copy for the children’s stories
    Thank you

  16. Adelina Almanza says:

    I am interested in submitting a children’s story I wrote in Spanish. The manuscript consists of 7 short chapters and it is aimed for 8-10 year olds. I might even include illustrations.
    Would you be so kind as to tell me what steps I should take to have my book published?
    In case you don’t work with Spanish materials, would you kindly give me an idea where I could send my book?
    Thank you for your kindness and for any help you can give me.
    Adelina Almanza

  17. is this still open? i would like to apply

  18. Adelina Almanza says:

    About a year and a half ago I posted a question about the possibiity of a story for children in Spanish. After sending my question, I wrote the book in English also, so it is a bilingual book. I had it published, and sold more than 50 copies. The publishers have bombarded me with publicity packages for the book but I don’t have the financial means to do it. I feel they did not do a good job to promote it in the first place, so I am wondering (maybe a crazy idea) if it can be published by another company lilke yours. Would you kindly let me know if there is any possibility you would do it, and what you would charge, That is, of course, if you are interested? (The people that bought the book, in spite of the poor publicity, say they love it).

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