Freelance Writing Jobs for Friday, October 31, 2008

by Jodee Redmond

Good morning FWJ Friends and a Happy Hallowe’en to all! Here are your leads for today. Please let us know if any of them turn out to be tricks! As always, we want to hear about your success stories as well. Have a great weekend!



Site Specific


  1. Phil says


    On the off-chance I could convince employer to work with me at a distance, I looked at Writers Wanted for Travel & Property Magazine, and it looks like a real estate sales pitch (not one to be written)

  2. says

    Hi Jodee and Freelancers,

    I got the gig with the posting from It turns out one of their 2000 website is about a location right where I live so it is a piece of cake to write for, especially starting from scratch. I just wanted to post because many gigs I receive from your site comes through sometimes weeks later and I can never remember when they were posted on the site.

    So everyone, do not fret if you do not hear right away because one gig I received, I heard from 6 months after I had applied.

    Have a great weekend.


  3. says

    @ Katerlee

    I work for as their Tree and Shrub Guide. I love it! It can be a LOT of work at first (putting together the whole website and getting enough content so people will want to visit), but they always emphasize that it is a marathon, not a sprint. It’s lots of fun.


  4. says

    @Katy: WOW, there’s the jackpot we’ve all been looking for! I could make an amazing $7.50 “real quick”! Sign me up!

    Heehee. Thanks for the laugh.

  5. says


    I’ve been with for 5 1/2 years now and it’s my main bread and butter. Support is pretty good and for the most part you’re on your own regarding content. I’m on the entertainment channel and my Editor makes suggestions for content but it’s up to me whether I take them. Pay is based on page views and being a Top 10 web property makes it a lot easier to get readers. :) Being under contract with a New York Times company also gets major points on your resume because love them or hate them, everyone has heard of the Times. If you want to email me at [email protected] and tell me what site/channel you’re interested in, I can tell you more.

    Have a great weekend … kim

  6. D. says

    OMG Katy, that’s hilarious!!! (Or, really, NOT hilarious.)

    Even if were ANY 300 words that you could just randomly write down (and, the, cat, mat, rig — and keep the words short so it takes you less time!), it would still be insane.

    Hey, we should all respond to the ad, just for giggles. Not actually DO the work, of course, but just respond… LOL!

  7. laura says

    That’s hilarious, Katy! I suspect I could “make” $1.50 just as quick by searching my pockets and the ground for change!

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