One Great Blogging Position and the Lamest Ad I've Seen All Week

So, should we go good ad first or lame?

The other day Deb posted a high paying blogging gig, which seems cool being that we’ve been talking about higher blogging pay here lately.

That said, in case you missed it, Problogger has an ad up right now that’s offering up to $100 per post. It’s not my sort of blog, but it’d be perfect for the right person.

Now for the lame ad:

I saw this on Craigslist. I’m actually all for CL, you can find some decent jobs there. This just isn’t one of them.

“Web saavy freelance writer needed for project 40 hours per week for two months – Flex hours. Work from home. Must be familiar with blog and forum interface. Must have consistent access to computer with high speed internet connection. Affinity for conservative political and/or religious subject matter very helpful. Ideal for a college student, smart mom or retiree.”Ideal for a college student, smart mom or retiree” line.

So offensive! Smart moms, as opposed to what, all the stupid ones running around? I tell ya. Sometimes I just don’t know what people are thinking.

Good luck if you apply for the Problogger job!


  1. says

    How very telling: A “conservative” blog condescending to distinguish between regular moms and smart moms.

    Jennifer, I find it interesting that you mentioned a need to “diversify”. That’s an important point worth considering: in a world where options are endless, discerning readers need to know that a writer is well rounded and can attack a problem from many different angles. This requires time and thousands of words to demonstrate. This means that writers and readers alike are perhaps better served by long-term writing contracts–rather than a smorgasbord of different writers acting as a hive mind. Methinks another blog post by you on the topic would be worthwhile.

  2. says

    The frugal blogger thing…man. I tried out for it, thought I followed the instructions for the post perfectly. Was only given 7 days for a ‘test run’ to see if there would be links. A friend of mine, HART from HART Empire stumbled, Dugg, and Tweeted the post, but the owner said we only got one link.

    Eh, I wasn’t thrilled with the blog itself, but I can say the owner was honest, paid for the test post, and was polite. That counts for a lot. Oh and he isn’t lying about the rate, I was paid a nice chunk for the test post, even after he decided to not go with me.

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