Monday Markets for October 13, 2008

by Jodee Redmond This week’s theme for Monday Markets is magazines for teens. Listen prints articles and true stories, while Calliope focuses on world history. Odyssey will appeal to young science buffs, and the last one on the list, Breakaway, is a Christian publication for teen boys. Listen Magazine From the Web Site: Listen regularly seeks professionally written, teen-oriented articles and true stories running 800 words, and quizzes and shorts no more than 500 words. Six basic kinds of articles appear in each issue of Listen. TRUE STORIES. These are true stories about the basic conflicts and concerns that teenagers [Read more…]

One Great Blogging Position and the Lamest Ad I've Seen All Week

So, should we go good ad first or lame? The other day Deb posted a high paying blogging gig, which seems cool being that we’ve been talking about higher blogging pay here lately. That said, in case you missed it, Problogger has an ad up right now that’s offering up to $100 per post. It’s not my sort of blog, but it’d be perfect for the right person. Now for the lame ad: I saw this on Craigslist. I’m actually all for CL, you can find some decent jobs there. This just isn’t one of them. “Web saavy freelance writer [Read more…]

City Kidz World Accepting Submissions

City Kidz World magazine (www.citykidzworld) is looking for writers who want to contribute stories about parenting and education. The magazine is a multicultural (multinational) quarterly parenting and educational magazine that has both a suburban and urban audience. Please send queries to [email protected] . We are always accepting submissions. We publish success stories, how-to articles, photos, and personal stories. Pay rates are between $50 and $100.

BlogTalkRadio and Blog Action Day Unite for 12 Hour Talkathon

Are you blogging about poverty on Blog Action Day? If so, you could win a prize. If you hear your blog mentioned during BlogTalkRadio’s 12 hour Blog Action Day Talkathon for Poverty Relief, you will have an hour to call in to receive a prize. The twelve hour online talkathon will feature interviews with activists, noteworthy bloggers and other talking points relating to poverty. The event will be hosted by event organizer, Easton Ellsworth begin_of_the_skype_highlighting     end_of_the_skype_highlighting along with many BlogTalkRadio hosts assisting throughout the day. Listeners can also participate in the chat room and even call in to chat with guests [Read more…]

Applying for a Blogging Job: When to Blow Off Directions

In the previous post, Applying for Blogging Jobs – Do You Need A Resume? I noted that there are two times I’ll blow off directions when applying for a blogging job… One time is when I’m asked to submit newly written original clips. The second time is when I’m asked to quote a rate, but the ad is too vague regarding required tasks and hours. This is my own personal preference. If you want to follow all the rules a client sets fourth in an ad, you surely can. In these two cases I just don’t think following the rules [Read more…]

City Bloggers / Editors for Blog Network & Guidebooks

Are you a blogger with ambitions to be a published writer? The Bloggers Guide ( is seeking bloggers to write city blogs online and edit the corresponding published city guidebooks. We will consider applications from any world capital city but we are immediately seeking editors for the following cities: Europe London Paris Berlin Barcelona Rome

Bloggers Wanted Varying Subjects

We are looking for specialist bloggers across varying verticals. From Finance to Fitness we have blogs that need content. We pay well for specific skills and would love to hear from you. For further information please email [email protected] detailing your areas of expertise.

Freelance Writing Jobs for Monday, October 13, 2008

by Jodee Redmond Good morning FWJ Friends! It’s the start of a new week and I’ve got opps for copywriters, bloggers, content writers, and technical writers for you today. There are leads for translators, editors, real estate and investment writers, too. Some internships round out today’s offerings. Just in case you need a bit of encouragement to get started this morning, here is an interesting quote from Jack London: “You can’t wait for inspiration, you have to go after it with a club.” Have a great day! Leads… Sr. PR/Communication Copywriter for Online Jewelry Company – Long-Term – Telecommute Freelance [Read more…]

Sample Introduction Letter for Blogging Jobs

In the last post, Applying for Blogging Jobs – Do You Need A Resume?, I noted that I’d post a sample introduction letter. I’ve sent some variation of this basic introduction letter most times that I’ve applied for a non-network blogging job, and I get many of the jobs I apply for, so it’s working for me and the type of gigs I apply for… ——————————————————————————– Hello there, My name is Sue Smith. I’m a full-time freelance writer and problogger located in Seattle, Washington. This is in response to your request for a green living blogger. My experience: Eco-minded blogs [Read more…]

Applying for Blogging Jobs – Do You Need A Resume?

Recently someone asked me about blogging resumes. As in do you need one, and if so how should your resume look. The short answer to this is you won’t need a full-on resume for most The three kinds of blog gigs I’ve applied for are; network-based, individual client or business owed blogs, and word of mouth blogs. Word of mouth blog is my catch all phrase for blog gigs that I hear about because one, I know the individual hiring, or two, I was referred by a good friend who knows the person hiring. I stick to one general rule [Read more…]

How Much Do You Earn Blogging for Someone Else?

How Much Do You Earn Blogging for Someone Else? $5 or less per post $15 or less per post $25 or less per post More than $25 per post I earn a yearly salary with benefits These answers don’t describe my situation, I’ll tell you in the comments free polls

What Do the Top Bloggers Earn? It's a Lot More Than $5 per Post!

Read/Write Web posted some interesting statistics about some top tier bloggers and their earnings. The results were surprising to many. No, they’re not earning $5 a post or $100 a month plus traffic bonuses, many bloggers are bringing in pay ranging from $25 a post to $75, 000 a year plus bennies. Surprising? It shouldn’t be. Even though most network bloggers start out low, the job boards tell us there is life beyond the networks. Blog posts paying upwards of $20 a post are becoming more common place and many of us have stopped freelancing to earn a much higher [Read more…]

Freelance Writing Jobs for Friday, October 10, 2008

by Jodee Redmond Good morning FWJ Friends! It’s the end of the week and I’ve got jobs for bloggers, news writers, translators and video stringers for you today. There are opps for newsletter writers, copy editors, travel writers, and a few internships as well. Have a great weekend everyone, and a Happy Thanksgiving to our Canadian readers! Leads… Economics Blogger @ Passionate Technology Writer to Start “How To” Blog for Web-Based Software Site Freelance News Writer @ Tribune Company – Los Angeles Content Planner and Editor @

Three Tips and a Bonus to Market Yourself

Today’s tempting tidbit of freelance business advice comes to you from James Chartrand of Men with Pens, a featured Freelance Writing Gigs blogger. Enjoy! Marketing yourself to land new clients can be an overwhelming, frustrating task. How do you do it? Where do you look? What do you say to people to convince them they need you? Sometimes it just seems easier to do nothing and hope for the best. Well, instead of doing nothing, why not try to write a few pitches and send them out? Here are a few tips to help convince people to hire you: Believe [Read more…]

Creative, Hard Working Writers Wanted

Ideally, you’re a huge fan of, and have read a few copywriting books. You’re able to write headlines that grab attention, and have a basic idea of what makes people talk about content. You’re a writer looking to head towards the next level, willing to do the research needed to create an article that will get traffic, links and traction. We’ll handle all promotion, but we’re looking for someone who is creative, resourceful, and can tie in multiple subjects well together (ice cream and politics, for example). We’ll give you target audiences, but you’ll need to do the research [Read more…]

Best Query Advice


*Oopsie Note: I thought I hit publish on this hours ago! Goes to show, you always have to check your work! By Terreece M. Clarke One of the first things people ask me after “How do I get started with freelance writing,” and “Is there any money in that?” is how to write a great query letter. A query letter is what’s going to get you into the door – wait, scratch that. A great email subject line is what’s going to get you into the door. The query letter is going to get you invited in for a moment, [Read more…]

Freelance Writing Jobs for Thursday, October 9, 2008

by Jodee Redmond Good morning FWJ Friends! Jobs for bloggers, medical writers, and content writers are on today’s list. I also have opps for resume writers, political writers, and fitness writers. Gigs for translators, editors, financial and real estate writers also made the list. The National Enquirer is looking for a web-savvy person to help them find breaking news stories. Hope you find something you are interested in applying for on today’s list. Have a good day! Leads… Windows/Computer Expert Blogger @ Bloggy Network Finance/Credit Card Blogger Wanted @ CreditShout Medical Writer – Part Time – Telecommute Creative Writer – [Read more…]

Software Technical Writer Wanted

We are looking for someone that has experience with technical writing for a software company. Each software release requires an update to the help file, both text and screen shots. It would be ideal for us to have a contractor we can call upon from time to time as needed for a rate around $20 per hour. Please express your interest by sending a resume and cover letter to Josh Yeager at: [email protected]

Freelance Writing Jobs for Wednesday, October 8, 2008

by Jodee Redmond Good morning FWJ Friends! Today’s list has opps for food writers, bloggers, journalists, and copywriters. Jobs for editors, translators, technical writers, and business writers also made the list. I hope your dream job is listed here. Have a wonderful day! Leads… Food/Restaurant Writers @ Village Voice Media – Los Angeles Voice Blogger @ Voice Bubble ($10 per three-minute post) Freelance Journalist – Russian B2B Magazine – Telecommute (up to GBP 200 per day) Windows/Computer Expert Blogger @ Bloggy Network

$20 Per Post Blogging Opportunity

I’m often asked where to find higher paying writing and blogging gigs. In fact, I’ve even been questioned over whether or not they exist. So, in putting my money where my mouth is, I’d like to present a very good opportunity. A DevLounge blogging gig at $20 per post. You see? Let’s hope gigs like this become the norm. In the mean time, I’ll continue to link to the higher paying gigs here.

You Know You’re A Freelance Writer…


By Terreece M. Clarke You Know You’re A Freelance Writer… …when something interesting happens you say “Wait ’till I blog this!” instead of “Wait until I tell…” …if beside your bedside table is a well-worn, well-loved copy of the AP style guide. …if you have ever been warned NOT to write about a family member’s embarrassing medical issue. …if your window has forehead and nose smudges because of your “mailman with a check watch.” …when you end conversations with “Can I use you as a source?” …if your idea of scrapbooking is organizing your clips. …if you your mother can [Read more…]

Got issues? It’s been one of those days when working for an unruly social service agency sounds like way more fun than freelancing. Still, this made me laugh.

Poker Blogger Needed

Must have good knowledge of poker and keep their finger on the poker pulse. $20 a post. Please apply in writing with your credentials to [email protected]

Freelance Writing Jobs for Tuesday, October 7, 2008

by Jodee Redmond Good morning FWJ Friends! I’ve got opps for bloggers, construction writers, reporters, and tech writers for your consideration today. Jobs for proofreaders, hip-hop writers, medical writers, and sports writers also made the list. A private investigator needs a writer/interviewer; this one sounds like it would be very interesting work. Another interesting opportunity is for a podcast producer. I hope you find something that makes you want to learn more as you look at today’s list. Have a great day, everyone! Leads… Freelance Writers Covering New England @ Construction Equipment Guide Two Personal Development/Productivity Bloggers and Two Social [Read more…]

Technical Copywriter Wanted

Business Name: Saddleback SEO Send resumes/relevant samples to [email protected] Description: I’m looking for a technical copywriter who can write product comparison articles in the fields of wireless LAN routers, bridges, access points.

Content Freelance Writing Gigs
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