60 Helpful Blog Posts for Freelance Writers and Bloggers

by Deb Ng

As you know, I love to share links with you. Today instead of the usual link love, I’d like to do something different. I’m going to share my bookmarks. Over the years, I’ve collected so many great blog posts and articles about all aspects of freelance writing I thought I’d share them with you here. Hope you find at least a couple of these useful!

And while you’re browsing the posts, check out the blogs. All of them are worthwhile and deserve a place in your feed reader!

Behold (in no particular order):

60 Helpful Blog Posts for Freelance Writers and Bloggers

  1. 10 Sure Fire Headline Formulas That Work at CopyBlogger
  2. 101 Essential Freelancing Resources at Freelance Switch
  3. 7 More Sure Fire Headline Formulas That Work at CopyBlogger
  4. 5 Step Goal to Setting and Achieving Goals for Your Frelance Writing Career at All Freelance Writing
  5. 50 Ways to Screw Up Content at Big Red Notebook
  6. How Bloggers Make Money with Blogs at ProBlogger
  7. Be a Better Interviewer at Chris Brogan
  8. 3 Ways to Never Lose Sight of Why You Rock at Rock Your Day
  9. 101 Blog Tips I Learned in 2006 at Daily Blog Tips
  10. 5 Steps to Letting Your Blog Posts Write Themselves at Performancing
  11. 10 Best Free Time Tracking Apps at Setupablogtoday
  12. 10 Words to Avoid in Your Writing at Writing White Papers
  13. Six Common Punctuation Errors that BeDevil Bloggers at CopyBlogger
  14. Freelance Advice from the Blogosphere at Freelance Parent
  15. What Happens to Your Blog if Something Happens to You at Performancing
  16. 34 Tips That Will Make You a Better Writer at Daily Writing Tips
  17. 10 Reasons Businesses Fail at Freelance Parent
  18. The Cost of Procrastinating at Sparkplugging
  19. Where Have All the Freelance Writing Jobs Gone? at CopyBlogger
  20. Punctuation: A Small Primer at Blogging Tips
  21. SEO Copywriting Rates: How I Got to the $100 Article Mark and You Can Too at Inkwell Editorial
  22. 7 Ways to Research Your Freelancing Target Markets at Freelance Switch
  23. Gross Writing Errors Found on the Web at Daily Writing Tips
  24. How to Write Scannable Content: A Six Step Approach at Daily Blog Tips
  25. How to Find – and Secure – Freelance Writing Clients at Entrepreneur’s Journey
  26. 7 Important Lessons Freelance Writers Can Learn Working in Fast Food at Freelance Writing Jobs and Other Stuff
  27. Green Tips for Freelance Writers at Inkwell Editorial
  28. 5 Tips for Marketing Your Freelance Business at Freelance Switch
  29. Starbucks and Internet Piracy at Bob Bly
  30. 12 Things You Should Never Say to a Client at Freelance Folder
  31. 22 Places to Find Freelance Wrtiing and Blogging Jobs at Freelance Writing Jobs
  32. 40 Yiddish Words You Should Know at Daily Writing Tips
  33. How to Start Your Freelance Writing Business: Honing Your Craft at Writing Journey
  34. The Best Way to Start Out in Freelance Writing at Daily Writing Tips
  35. How to Write an Article in 20 Minutes at CopyBlogger
  36. 67 Niche Freelance Writing Markets You May Never Have Considered at Freelance Parent
  37. Questions to Ask Clients About Their Website Content at Men with Pens
  38. Repeat After Me: I Will Ask for More Money Next Time at The Well Fed Writer
  39. Here’s Why You Need a Blog at Freelance Switch
  40. 13 Ways to Promote Your Next Blog at ProBlogger
  41. 44 Resume Writing Tips at Daily Writing Tips
  42. If I Started Today at Chris Brogan
  43. 5 Simple Rules for Getting Great Guest Posts on Your Blog at Successful Blog
  44. 9 Ideas for a More Creative and Effective Brainstorming Process at Freelance Folder
  45. The Freelance Switch Hourly Rate Calculator
  46. 101 Ideas to Get More Work and Generate New Client Leads at Freelance Switch
  47. Hiring Bloggers: Know Your Performance Numbers at Blog Herald
  48. Writers Bore vs. Writers Block at Write from Home
  49. 6 Career Change Mistakes to Avoid at Escape from Corporate America
  50. 10 Reasons Commenting is Good for Bloggers at Chris Garrett
  51. Job Hunting Reputation Management: Scary Stats & 3 Tactics You Can Use at Marketing Pilgrim
  52. 46 Things to Do Before Starting a Blog Network at XFeP
  53. Say Hello to Your Inner Critic and Write Faster at How Not to Write
  54. How Not to Promote Your Services at Ink Thinker
  55. What Do You Do When Someone Steals Your Content at Lorelle on WordPress
  56. A Six Part Guide to Technical Writing at PoeWar
  57. 3 Simple Cheats to Free Up Five Hours this Week at Rock Your Day
  58. The Beginners Guide to Promoting Your Blog at Social Media Explorer
  59. 178 Ways to Improve Your Internet Writing at the Writing Journey
  60. 5 Thought Provoking Posts About Responsibility at Confident Writing

What blog posts do you find most useful? Feel free to share in the comments, but don’t forget comments with links go into moderation.



  1. says

    I’ve been reading your posts the entire year that I’ve been blogging and never have I failed to find them extremely helpful. Today’s post was no exception. Great post!

    I’d be very pleased if you would take a look at my blog sometime, especially the posts on selling to magazines that pay $1 a word or more (ldaley.wordpress.com/2008/05/11/eight-magazines-that-pay-1-a-word-for-articles/ ) and the one of motivation tips. (ldaley.wordpress.com/2007/12/30/seven-motivation-tips-to-help-you-write-more-sell-more/

    Those two posts have been the most popular ones on my blog.

    Thanks again, Deborah, for all you do.
    Laverne Daley

  2. says

    Oh… my… god. How long did this take you to do? I’m not just going to tip my hat but bow for this one, because that’s a serious amount of work. (Unless there’s a trick…)

    I hope that people appreciate your list. It’s an excellent one (not just because I’m on it, of course!)

  3. says

    Great list. And I’m not just saying that because I managed to grab the #5 slot, either!

    I just finished bookmarking your list of bookmarks! Thanks.


  4. says

    @Laverne – Hi, welcome and thank you for the kind words. I’d be more than happy to visit your blog!

    @James – Thanks. It was fun to do. I revisited several posts I enjoyed in the past. I hope others find it useful as well.

    @Carson – Hope you find some good stuff there!

    @Michelle K. – And thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment.

    @Jenny, @Phil, @Andy – You’re welcome, you’re welcome, you’re welcome and thank you for your continued support and kind comments!

    @Lorna – Take it a little at a time. We don’t want to have to get the inhaler out!
    @Claudia P. – You’re very welcome. It was my pleasure, I really enjoy putting these lists together.

    @Julie – You’re very welcome.


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