Blog Networks Roundtable at Blog Herald

Blog Herald’s Thord Daniel Hendengren held the first (that we know of) blog network roundtable. As you can imagine, this is especially of interest to me, not only because of this blog but because I started my own blog network a few weeks ago.

The roundtable featured Jeremy Wright of b5Media, Collis Ta’eed of Envato, and Mike Rundle CEO of 9rules. Regardless of how anyone feels about blog networks nowadays, it’s an interesting read.

I think my favorite quote was from Mike Rundle after being asked about the “ideal” setup for blog networks. Should they be small and focused or vast and varied?

I think that’s the way to go — create blogs that can stand on their own, are outstanding, and have a small number of them to focus on. I think if a blog network publisher can’t name all the blogs they own off the top of their head, they probably have too many to concentrate on.

I remember a couple of years ago when 451Press announced they were the biggest blog network around. I often wondered if that was the right approach. It’s great to cover the gamut, but isn’t it better to build up one blog at a time?

As for FWJ, I think it’s too nichey to be huge, which is how I like it. I don’t want our little coffee shop to turn into a massive buffet.

What do you think? Quantity, quality or both?

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