From Network Blogger to Blog Network Owner

This week has been one of frayed nerves, gray hair and Hail Marys. This is the week I turned my Freelance Writing Jobs blog into a network of six individual blogs.

Why a Blog Network?

I started a blog network because Freelance Writing Jobs was getting confusing. Each morning Jodee posted a list of leads. Individual job posts came in throughout the day from various employers too. Plus Terreece, James and I also posted tips and advice on a given day. It was getting too confusing. Some days had ten posts are more, and we were cluttering up the RSS feeds.

Individual Identities

By starting a blog network I gave each blogger his or her own blog, plus a separate blog for leads. It makes thinks more manageable and (I hope) easier to find. Job leads were in one place, so members of our community didn’t have to scroll around and our bloggers were split by niches within our niche.

More Revenue

I’d be lying if I didn’t say I hope this move would be a good investment. FWJ is an OK money maker. It allows me to pay three writers and sometimes I even have pocket change left over. With six blogs and a home page, surely my revenue will go up. I hope.

Help a Struggling Blog

We hear good things about Network Blogging Tips. ProBlogger and other blogs have even linked to it. It did great out of the gate, but then we took the summer off and lost our traffic. We hope by merging NBT with FWJ it will get a new traffic base and revitalization.

Owning a Blog Network: First Thoughts

It’s only a few days in, but I’m very proud of my little network. I think the site is easier to navigate and I feel good about showcasing other talented bloggers.

I’m disappointed that the FWJ community only seems to be flocking to the Jobs and Markets blog and we’re not getting as much traffic elsewhere. When our blog posts shared a home with the lists of job leads, we had much more discussion on our indivudal posts. Now, our posts aren’t stimulating other discussion at all.

Much of the community is confused by what I did too. They want to come to the main page and see leads and only leads. I put the leads at the bottom of the page, so the eye is drawn to the other blogs.They don’t like this either. They only want to see leads.

I realize we’re only a few days old and this takes some getting used to. I’ll definitely keep you posted as to whether this endeavor is paying off and how it’s working out for all concerned.


  1. says

    Hey Deb,

    I think what you are doing here is great. You’re creating a go-to place for advice and leads for freelance print and web writers/bloggers. I’ve already put all five websites into my RSS feeder so I can keep up with what is going on with each site.

    I can see how you would be disappointed with the low response on the non-leads posts. Kind of like you’re feeling, “they only like me for my leads.” While there are probably some who really only want the leads, there are many of us who enjoy this community and know there’s a lot to learn here. Give us a while to get used to the new format.

    Can I offer a couple constructive suggestions? Actually, I’m finding the new format a little hard to get used to. Having each site named “Freelance Writing Jobs and …” can get confusing. My suggestion, and you’re welcome to throw it down toilet if you want, would be to switch the titles around. This site would be “Network Blogging Tips on (or at) Freelance Writing Jobs”

    And also, since the job leads are the biggest draw, it might help if you make an easier way to get to them from the other sites. From this page, it’s not easy to figure out how to get to them.

    One other suggestion. Would it be possible for you to put one last post in the old for those who did have you in their RSS feed? An announcement that they will no longer be receiving posts from that site and then give the readers the five addresses to add to their RSS feeder to continue to get all the great posts here.

    You know I’m a faithful reader, and I knew the change was coming and you’d be down for a short period of time, but I was waiting for a post to show up in my RSS feed when the changes were done and for everything to return to normal. When all was quiet for a couple days I went to the site and was surprised to find things up and running. Perhaps there are others like me who are just waiting to hear things are up and running again. Or maybe I’m the only dope who didn’t know what was going on.

    Thanks for all you do for us.

  2. Mariella says

    Deb, don’t get discouraged! It’s just a bit confusing for the readers at first, but they’ll figure it out soon enough. 😉

  3. says

    now that you have popped that post on the feed then people will find you. I found it a bit confusing at first too… but once I realised what was happening and I had to update my feeds then I am all ok now :)

    What an achievement for you, I am excited for you to be so busy that you need a network of blogs! I do read all the articles as well as the leads, so I will be one that will read it all. I appreciate all the info and advice, it has helped me.


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