Happy Turkey Day!

If you are celebrating Thanksgiving today, I have one tip for you – get off the computer! We love the hits and your loyalty, not to mention your dedication to all things freelance writing, but seriously, go eat some turkey and relax with family or friends.

Not everyone has a family to go home to and that’s okay too, why not cuddle up with your pet, a good piece of pie and just reflect on what sends your gratitude meter into overload.

I’ll share a secret: I’m grateful for you, our FWJ readers, and not because I’m getting paid to do a job. You all are a great group of people and while I’m always thankful for a gig, I’m especially thankful because this is a gig I love.

Each day I receive feedback on how something I’ve written has been helpful or funny or whatever, is a day I walk a little taller. You see, writing is not only a love, this field has allowed me to stay home with my girls and to live a fantastic and interesting life. So thanks guys!

What are you grateful for today?

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