Holiday Gifts for Writers: The Leather Wrap Journal from Kiki James of London

by Deborah Ng

Here’s an elegant holiday gift idea for writers. I recently received a Kiki James leather wrap journal as a gift and immediately faced two dilemmas. The first was that it was too beautiful to write in and the second was that I couldn’t wait to start writing in it. Not bad dilemmas at all when you consider many gifts people give me go into a closet and are promptly forgotten.

As someone who sits in front of a keyboard all day writing what other people tell me to write, it’s a real treat to hand write in a journal. Indeed I have a file cabinet filled with notebooks. But journals aren’t only for secret “Dear Diary” type thoughts. My journals hold ideas for some ebooks I’m writing, ideas for blog posts, plans for my house and more. When it comes to journaling, it’s all in the mind of the beholder.

A journal from Kiki James is a gift that, I think, would touch the heart of any writer. The outside is soft, buttery leather or suede and the inside is open to many possibilities. If I had a nit to pick, it’s that the pages aren’t lined. I’m one of those people who couldn’t write a straight line if my life depended on it.

The leather journals range in price but they average $30 to $60. I know , a little pricey but this isn’t your average journal from Staples or Office Depot. If you’re making a gift of a journal I would definitely suggest one like this that is classy, with a new leather smell that hits you as soon as you open the box.

Am I gushing? You would be too if someone gave you one of these. It truly is the gift that keeps on giving.


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