Social networking is fuzzy – what's your take?

I was making a list of social networking methods for blogs, plus discussing it with Deb, and I realized that some of the methods I use are pretty fuzzy. Many social activities cross over with blog promotion and the other way around, and it all mixes up with building your own blog community. For example, if someone finds you through Technorati and you become pals and maybe score a gig through that friendship, is it blog promotion, or are you doing a little networking? Fuzzy business.

That said, I’m going to cover some blog networking methods over the next few posts, but some of the methods we’ll look at may cross over into blog promotion. Although networking is fuzzy, here’s my take. If you’re a blogger, you need to get out there, connect, and interact with others. If you do that, you’ll not only be networking, but promoting your blog.

Here is a sample of what you’ll see if you look up “social networking” online:

  • “this is where people develop networks of friends and associates. It forges and creates links between different people. …
  • Social networking is a phenomena defined by linking people to each other in some way. Digg is a popular example of a social network (using social …
  • Social networking refers to a broad class of web sites and services that allow you to connect with friends, family, and colleagues online, as well as meet people with similar interests or hobbies. …
  • A social networking site allows you to identify your contacts and establish a link between you and each of your contacts.
  • The practice by which Internet users build relationships and bookmark important sites with like minded people.
  • On the Internet, social networking is a form of self-expression in which a user surrounds oneself with- and shares with others an interconnected …”

Promotion, pro networking, hanging out; it all interrelates, but in the interest of trying to keep it less fuzzy, here’s what we’ll be looking at over the next few posts (or so).

  1. Basic networking
  2. Social sites – i.e. arenas that actually sell themselves as places to connect.
  3. Forums & chats
  4. Blog networking methods you may not have thought of.

Before we get going with basic networking, why don’t you tell me what your take on blog networking is. Do you see a crossover with blog promotion, or do you socialize purely to socialize, no strings attached, because you enjoy hanging with other bloggers?

Do the definitions above make sense, or would you add something else?

Let me know…


  1. says

    I think one should be networking to find potential collaborators, clients, business partners, etc. But I have met some great folk and naturally if you’re in this space you’ll meet people that you will probably become good friends with.

  2. says

    True, maybe that’s why it gets fuzzy for me. Honestly, networking is about pro contacts, at least as it relates to work, but I meet a lot of friends too. That seems less like official networking, but it’s still helpful. Especially when you work at home.


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