An Adsense Cautionary Tale

Many people ask me why I still use Adsense at FWJ. I tell them it’s because, for some reason, this blog network is hard to monetize. I get the best results from Adsense, plain and simple. It makes up for about 74% of the revenue earned here. We’ve tried other forms of advertising but this is the one that brings in the most money here. That’s why when I had my Adsense revoked for FWJ it hit us very hard.

I couldn’t figure out why this would happen. We don’t ask for clicks nor do we run ads from a competing networks. So you can imagine my surprise when Adsense all but disappeared from FWJ. The reason? It was the “Support our Sponsors” box at the top of the sidebar.

I have since removed the offending heading and hope to be reinstated. In the meantime, I offer this cautionary tale to you. Even something innocent such as encouraging your readers to support their generous benefactors can be enough for you to lose your Adsense income.


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    So that was it huh. That seems surprising. It seems honest and kind of like a nice gesture to say “support our sponsors” – if you’re going to have ads. But then, I guess it could technically be thought of as asking for clicks but that seems so darn picky.

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    A lot of people have had those same issues with Adsense, even to the point of hundreds of dollars being held back and never paid. A site I write for had that happen; they’re a news site so they were getting a lot of traffic, which Google questioned as being illegitimate and refused to pay the account. I’m not privy to the hit counter data, so I’m not sure what kind of figures they were looking at, but my editor was pretty disappointed and I have yet to be paid for months of work because my payment depended on the ad revenue.


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