Freelance Writing Jobs for December 23, 2008

by Jodee Redmond

Good morning FWJ Friends! Only two days to go before Christmas and my shopping is done! I went out last night and got it all done in one trip.

It’s a little quiet out there on the boards but I do have some leads for tech writers, project editors, comedy writers, technical writers, and proofreaders. Hope something on today’s list is an early Christmas present for you!


Blogging Jobs

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Good Luck!


  1. Anne G. says

    Thanks, Jodee.

    It’s bitter cold here 14 below zero, so I’m hunkering down for the day. Did all my shopping online weeks ago, so I’ve been able to avoid the crowds. Yet, there is that part of me that is fighting the urge to go out. Someone stole my son’s MP3 player yesterday and he’s been really upset about it. He had it in his jacket pocket, put his jacket on his chair to go up and sharpen his pencil. During the next class, his study hall, he went to get his MP3 player out and it was gone. Needless to say the principal said there is nothing he can do about it.

    I feel really bad for him because he’d saved up his Christmas and birthday gift certificates last year to afford this model and had 500 songs on it. So in all, it’s worth about $500 with the songs he downloaded and there isn’t a thing he can do other than start saving up for another one.

    Sadly, the spirit of the season missed someone and they felt okay stealing something.

  2. says

    Thanks for the bright and early posts, Jodee.

    I think it’s kind of funny that the ad for press release writer wants you to send them all the press releases you have ever written. If I did that I’d be sending them an e-mail with about 50 attachments!

    Happy holidays to everyone!

  3. Dawn says

    This one — Native Born American English Teachers for Proofreading — sounded really interesting but when I got a reply back via e-mail, they said that training was in Miami.

    Hmmmm. I’d love to be in Miami right about now. This cold and snow are killing me. Oh well.

    Happy holidays, Jodee. Thanks for all you do for us.

  4. Roxie says

    This is not exactly related to the job board, but I just wanted to share some great personal news. I had a written, planned goal to submit to a specific major print travel magazine by today, December 23rd – and I just sent out the e-mail! I set the goal in my mind a couple months ago, later wrote it down, and now I accomplished it on schedule. And I feel GREAT that I finally did it :-) ! Wish me luck!

  5. says

    Andrea, that’s exactly the same thought I had, re sending copies of all press releases. I haven’t written a lot of press release in the last few years, but when I had a job that required me to write them, I cranked them out regularly. Who wants to see that many? What does that even prove? Why not just ask for your best five? Ah well…

    Thanks for the leads, Jodee! Congrats on finishing your shopping, too!

  6. Skippy says

    I had a job…and I quit it. Yikes.

    They contacted me about it on Thursday and all I did was ask for more details. Then Friday night I got an actual assignment with instructions for things to do over the weekend. The FTP site was inaccessible all weekend and the person who was supposed to be the weekend contact didn’t reply to my email. Then we had a conference call on Monday and I found out all of this–about 50 pages of work that included doing some research–was due on Monday the 29th!! Usually I’m a really fast worker, but this was a bit much. I don’t mind working over the holidays, but when I’ve done that in the past, it’s with some advance notice so I can make a schedule that makes sense. I’m out of town to visit my family one day this week and have play rehearsals two other nights. This would be a tough gig in six days, but in basically four and a half? If they’d just told me the deadline right away I would never have let this get as far as it did. I started doing the work on Monday after the call but got so stressed that I got too bad a headache to work. Finally I told my roommate about it (she asked why I was crying) and she said it didn’t sound worth it. And you know what? The pay was on the low end of the scale if this was a normal schedule–it certainly wasn’t even remotely what you would expect for something that was a super rush job, let alone during a holiday week. So I decided no, it wasn’t worth it.

    Now I just have to hope the bad quit karma doesn’t come to get me.

  7. Roxie says

    @ Skippy: That’s not bad “quit” karma. That’s good karma, for realizing what is important and doing what’s right for you. Don’t feel guilty, because you didn’t merely “quit” – you made a positive choice for yourself.

  8. Chris says

    @Skippy: I’m with Roxie. Declining to continue the job was the only rational thing you could do to protect yourself from an obviously unrealistic (and low-paying!) employer. Well done — 50 good karma bonus points to you!

  9. Irish says

    **Warning.. SUPER long Post** :S
    Thanks so much Jodee!
    After reading Annie G.’s post, I couldn’t help but share a few little tidbits that I’ve experienced this month.
    October I was hired onto a large project that seemed pretty reliable and promised a good monthly income.
    November 25th comes around and wouldn’t you know it that the main company who was sponsoring the project dropped out on us. Recession apparantly hitting them at a horribly inconvenient time for me, extremely convenient time for them.
    Unfortunately I had taken a month off chasing leads, writing freelance and earning a small income at least while writing for this project.
    Almost instantly after being dropped we were picked up by a former co-founder of the last sponsor with more promises of a slightly less salary but supposed-instant payment and a sign-on-bonus with a new contract.
    The next week comes around and still no pay.. Excuse after excuse, promise after promise and we’re now one month from signing the contract with no payment whatsoever.
    The reason I went into all that was because I wanted to explain the feeling I had towards mankind in general. The sponsor knew how important it was that I got paid (very behind on bills now) and continued to promise ‘tomorrow’ again and again. After a while, constant thwarted Hope can feel almost like sticking a needle in an injury.
    It’s now nearing the deadline for this sponsor to come through and there’s a very, very slim chance that any form of payment will be given.
    (Argh, sorry everyone.. This is such a long post)
    The results.. We (like so many others) have fallen on tough times.. Bills past overdue and very little money for groceries (let alone bills).
    You know, at this point.. Both my husband and I didn’t know what to do. Christmas was coming up and while I believe that Christmas is definately not about presents and what not.. We were very bummed that my three year old and 5 month old wouldn’t get anything from us and that even still, our bills would be behind.
    While talking to my aunt, who is very much a second mom to me, I sub-conciousely let slip a tidbit of our financial-state. Later that night I received a call from her again telling me that her and my uncle had talked about it and wanted to send us $100 but made me promise to use it only on Christmas, not bills, and not to tell anyone.. Stating that she didn’t want people to find out and think she was playing favorites. Later that week we received $100 in the mail from them. My husband and I were overwhelmed with appreciation. The fact that someone would do that for us gave just an amazing feeling.
    The next week we thought we would go find a Christmas tree, deciding that if we could find a cheap enough one.. that it would just cut back a little on the kids’ presents.
    We went to a local nursery and after she pulled out several small, cute trees for us to look at, told us that she was giving it to us for free since my parents were such good customers of hers. And we hadn’t told her anything about our finances! You know.. I’m not one to cry but after that act of kindness combined with my aunt and uncle.. I have to admit that I did.
    Just yesterday while my husband and I were Christmas shopping, we ran into my cousin whom I haven’t seen in years. She told me that she had been wanting to get a hold of me to offer her last baby’s clothes for mine. (Our son is growing out of his clothes.) She also mentioned that she had a toddler bed for my daughter. My husband and I were just talking about what we were going to do as a full-sized bed can’t fit in the bedroom she’s in and my son has grown out of his bassinet. :) Just another little blessing.
    And lastly.. Today, I noticed on Craigslist in the Free section someone offering a turkey, stuffing, canned corn and box of cereal to a family in need this Christmas. Isn’t it just great to see strangers wanting to help?
    I know, I know.. Your wondering why this post is so long. Right? :) Well.. I just HAD to share my experiences this Christmas. While yes, there definately are those out there who just don’t understand common courtesy on Christmas or not, the ones who do far makes up for it.
    I’m so sorry to hear about your son’s MP3 player Anne G.. And wish you the best! Merry Christmas everyone!

  10. Skippy says

    Amazing, isn’t it? Just when you think there aren’t any, you find that there are nice people left in the world. I hope your luck changes for the better, Irish.

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