Freelance Writing Jobs for December 26, 2008

by Deb Ng

Good morning, friends. If you’re like me your house is a mess, you’re tired and your kids are already “bored”. Don’t fret, because I have some leads to keep you busy. Not many, mind you, but leads nonetheless.


Edited to ad: Look at what some original blog header thief did – stole FWJ’s logo, header and design!



  1. Good morning:

    I came across this website today that is using the same look as this site, but I don’t think this is your site.

    Check it out and let me know if this is your site or someone copying you:

  2. That’s horrible about that website. I hope you’ve done something about that. I can’t believe that! We had some of the same stuff happening at and had to hire legal counsel to weed it all out.

  3. Wow, I can’t believe someone did something like that!

  4. Thanks for the posts.

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