Freelance Writing Jobs for December 30, 2008

by Jodee Redmond

Good morning FWJ Friends! There was a bit more activity on the boards this morning, and I’ve leads for content writers, business plan writers, fitness writers, translators, proofreaders, and copy writers. A few blogging opps and internships are included as well.

Something on today’s list might get your new year started off with a new gig. Do let us know if you get hired for anything we post here. We love to hear about your success, and it is inspiring to other readers, too!



Blogging Jobs

Site Specific



  1. says

    Thanks for the leads Jodee. It’s my birthday today so I intend to do as little work as possible but I have a phonecall in a minute to discuss a potential contract from a contact I made here back in April.

  2. Anne G. says

    I applied for the Demand Studios Title Proofer job a while back. If they like your resume, they’ll direct you to on online test to see if you qualify. The email I got showed up Christmas Eve and said that they needed the test to be taken ASAP. I opted to do it that same day. It’s about 20 minutes long and I haven’t heard anything back. Though after taking the test, I’m not 100% I’d be happy. The title proofer has to edit or reject article titles. Things like “How to Drive Your Car” would have to be edited to “How to Drive a Car.”

  3. Dawn says

    Anne G — I actually applied for that gig this morning. From what you’re saying, it sounds quite lame. Any ideas on the pay rate, though?

  4. says

    Ooh, it’s my birthday too!
    Thanks for the leads.

    I saw on another thread that the Title Proofer job pays .08 per title, and the average hourly rate is $10.

  5. Anne G. says

    @Dawn – I’ll pull up the email and see if I can pull out highlights of what they said. They never do discuss rates though.

    Also, they only accept US based applicants.

    One of their example questions was:

    Would you accept or reject the following titles:

    How long does an iPod Mini battery last?
    How many hours does an iPod battery last?
    How long does an Apple iPod battery last?
    How long does it take to charge an iPod?

    I can’t see a decent article coming from any of those titles. Sure you could spin maybe 100 words if you added filler, but you’d never get a full article about those topics. So I would have rejected them all. However, per their answer, the only one you would reject would be #2 because it is similar to #3 and #3 “sounds better.”

    I did take the online test and at the end, you don’t find out your score. They’ll only contact you if your score is high enough. Didn’t say how long before you’ll hear. You also never know what the correct answers are and there is that part of me that really wants to know how I did regardless if I get the job or not.

  6. tenley says

    Hi Anne G! Actually, they do let you see your score at the end — but I found out accidentally. It seems I navigated away from the page (frustrated that I couldn’t see my score) and maybe arrowed back, because then the score was there.

    It looks to me like they take every query anyone types into a search engine and turn as many of those as possible into “articles” (because they know someone actually has searched for this info before, and they want to keep the titles of the “articles” as close to the wording of the searches). And they need a few human eyes to go over some of the computer-filtered search queries just to check they’d make sense as “articles” — I keep putting that in words because I think the articles pretty clearly are just bait with lots of advertising to lure in the people who have searched for these terms.

    But the title editing wasn’t so odd to me as their categorization method, which is more than a little screwy. I’d be interested to see if anyone human winds up having the kind of thinking patterns they seem to take for granted and would offer a job …

  7. Dawn says

    Anne G — Thanks for the info. The whole thing sounds less than promising. If I get any further than you got (I doubt I will), I’ll let you know what I found out.

  8. TM says

    Anne G. –

    I applied for that job as well. I took the test yesterday and found out today that I was accepted, so it seems they move pretty fast if you “pass” the test. I wouldn’t wait around for them if you haven’t heard anything yet…

  9. Jim S. says

    Hehe… I came back to see what everyone else was saying about the Title Proofing after being incredibly surprised at the turn-around between applying and receiving an e-mail.

    Guess I’ll make like the rest and see how it goes. Thanks for the lowdown!

  10. Ann G. says

    @tenley – All I got at the end was a screen saying my test would be submitted and they would only contact me if my score was high enough. I didn’t get to see a score, though I didn’t hit back, so maybe hitting back is the way others can see it.

    In the end, I haven’t heard anything yet and don’t know how long it takes them to respond, if they feel I’m a match.

    @Dawn – You’re welcome and good luck!

  11. says

    Wow, that made my eyes cross, reading that sample question posted by Anne! I don’t think I’d be good at that at all…plus, I couldn’t decide which would be the best answer. :)

    Thanks for the leads, Jodee.

  12. Niki says

    I took the test for the Demand Studios Title Proofer job Saturday and was accepted Sunday. I didn’t find out my score. I haven’t started working yet so I can’t comment about the actual job. Hopefully, it’ll be good as I love to proofread. Happy New Year.

  13. Dawn says

    Niki — This may not be a politically correct question to ask but, before I do the test (they just sent it to me last night), can you tell me the $ rate they offered? I want to know how hard to try on the test. 😉

  14. Erica says

    I applied to a couple of these listings; thank you for posting them. On the topic of Demand, I applied to them about a month ago for writing (I’ve written lots of eHows through another company and figured it would be easy work for me) and never heard back, never got activation info, etc. I’m hoping that their system did not get my info and not that they are blowing me off. I might try again in January…meanwhile, I’ve signed up with Textbroker after reading what AnneG had to say about her experiences a couple of weeks ago (Thanks!). Waiting to see what level I am classified at so I can start. I hope great new opportunities will turn up in the New Year for everyone.

  15. Anne G. says

    @Erica – You’re welcome. Share where they classify you! I’ve talked to a few other textbroker writers and have yet to find anyone rated a 5 star. They must have 5-star because they post jobs for them.

    There is one job that comes up from time to time doing 80 word hotel blurbs that pays a couple bucks each. I seem to make the most doing those because they don’t take long at all and the person wants them to be very generic SEO blurbs.

    With that said, I haven’t had time in the past few weeks to see what they have to offer, so I don’t know if that hotel person is still posting jobs or not.

  16. Niki says


    The title proofing job pays 8 cents per title, and there are 20 titles per screen. I’ve read on another board that if you get fast enough, you can make $10 an hour. Judging from the test, it doesn’t take long to edit a title. There are guidelines in a PDF file you have to go by. I’m new so I can’t say if the pay is worth it, but I want to try.

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