Help Spread the Word: This Scammer Has Nothing to Do with FWJ

This website has stolen FWJ’s logo, title and more to send folks to Get A Freelancer, which has been known to scam writers out of a lot of money.

Please help me spread the word that the above linked blog is not a part of FWJ, not affiliated with FWJ and we do not approve in the least.

Very uncool people.


  1. Just amazing. “No Skill Required, Other Than Writing With A Proper Grammar.” And then “The following freelance writing works not all are in English, there is work for almost all languages exists, so no matter what your language is, still you will find some work for you.”

    No way anyone could mistake that site for yours, Deb.

  2. It looks like a cut and paste logo that the culprit took from your site. Other than that it’s nothing like your site. I know there is a way to secure your graphics and photos, so cut and pasting can’t occur.
    That’s the only way you can stop it from happening.

  3. Uh oh!
    I agree with Kenna and there is a way just not sure how.

  4. As kenna and Michelle say, there is a way, but I can’t offer any help either.

  5. I know there’s a way, but I don’t know it either. In the meantime anyone who can help by spreading the word and pointing out this guy is a thief and scammer – I’d be grateful.

  6. There are a few ways to rip off logos and images, and I’m not about to list them here to give people ideas.

    There is one way of protecting a site, which is to disable the right-click option – but so many people use that for so many reasons that you’d be doing your community a disfavor, I believe…

  7. Wow Deb, so sorry you have to deal with this. I hope other writers are smart enough not to be fooled by this stuff.

    And I hope the person who did this doesn’t quit his or her day job.

  8. Yes, James is right. You can disable the right-click option, but people who use the site for legitimate reasons might be penalized due to the actions of a scammer. Sometimes, I use the right-click option if I want to open an ad that is displayed and am not sure if clicking on it will open it in the same window or a new window. If I click on an ad I am interested in, I don’t want to be taken away from the great content here. So, I use right-click to make sure that doesn’t happen.

  9. Webresearcher says:

    Sorry to see this happened to you Deb.
    One suggestion is to use a (Watermarking Software Program) that protects logos and images on your website.
    Another useful tool is to encrypt your HTML source code from unauthorized copy, with (HTML encryption software). Do a search in google. Hope this helps.

  10. Hi Deb,

    You can contact Protected Domain Services/ (which hosts the copycat site), Google and Yahoo! search engines, and advertisers on the site to protest obvious plagiarism:

    (Here’s more on web site plagiarism: )

    Good luck!


  11. And on top of that, disabling right clicking does very little to protect anything. I find myself on a site every once in a while where right clicking is “disabled,” and can still save images and copy text just fine. On top of that, it’s a javascript script, so all one has to do is turn javascript off in their browser, and that’s that. OR, again, another reason those things are useless and annoying, all I have to do is look at the source code of the page to get the information I need.

    So please, don’t bother. They’re more of an annoyance than anything.

  12. Hi, just thought I’d mention.. Clicking on the link gave me a corrupted connection with this trojan: JS:Packed-L [Trj]
    Seems to me this would be considered defamation.. Pretty wrong if someone associates your website with a trojan virus.
    Anywho, that is horrible! I’ll spread the word on my end, Deb. Good luck!

  13. Hi all,

    I contacted Host Gator some time ago. I’m also looking for contact info for Getafreelancer since it will only let me send an email if you’re a member.

  14. The scam site is no threat to anyone who knows a proper grammar.

  15. Deb I am a member of GAF, I will see if I can get the contact info for you.


  16. If you would like to write your letter I will submit it through the contact page. I don’t use that place anymore because of bad buyers, so you can say whatever you need to without worry. Let me know and I will give you my email addy.


  17. I sent a nice little email to the domain host referring to 17 U.S.C. §§ 102 and the site has been fixed up – no more copyright infringement now.


  18. These people are doing more than that. They managed to somehow charge me $49.95 for a month’s “subscription” on Paypal without my knowledge. I think I clicked on something on their site that had a different logo on it. Weird. It’s now with Paypal’s fraud department and I’m reporting them (“Go Freelance”) to the Authors Guild and other writer organizations. I got the “subscription” cancelled but I haven’t gotten my $49.95 back yet.

    Skip Press

  19. If you want to shut down the site, contact the web hosting company (if you can find it). If they are infringing copyright laws the web hosting company will shut it down. A web hosting company won’t take the risk and they could potentially get sued by Freelance Writing Jobs since this site owner swiped the copyrighted logo and name. If a web hosting company knows there is copyright infringement they will usually shut down the site asap (if you can track down the company who is hosting the bootlegged site). I’ll spread the word–that’s terrible!

  20. I can’t stand “Get a Freelancer” – that place is full of shady shenanigans and is a big scam!

  21. Hi Deb,
    I just clicked on the link for the copycat site and note that the layout and content has changed considerably. They’re no longer plagiarizing you.

    Hope the problem is gone for good!

  22. I was just wondering why some of you are referring to GAF as being shady. I have been a member of GAF for a few years now and have landed over 40 gigs from the site. Many of the clients I gained through GAF have remained long-term clients and I have never had any problems with the site at all. Granted, I did bid rather low on my first few projects because I was new to the writing biz, was trying to build a rep, and really didn’t know any better. After getting a few jobs under my belt, however, I have been able to land several jobs that pay within my current fee schedule. I know the bid board set up isn’t for everyone, but I had never heard GAF referred to as being a scam or shady (as Therese mentioned). I know there are definitely some unscrupulous buyers on those board that you have to watch out for. Is that what you are referring to or is there more that I should be aware of? Thanks!

  23. Hey everyone, just wanted to say that I noticed there haven’t been any posts for a few days. I miss them :(
    But hope you all are enjoying the holiday and a happy new year to everyone!

  24. @ Jenn: There will be job leads today. :) Working on them now.

  25. Super-Duper site! I am loving it!! Will come back again – taking you feeds also, Thanks.

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