Merry Christmas Freelance Writing Jobs Community!

Take this opportunity friends, to enjoy this moment to relax and reflect on all that you’ve accomplished this year, but not in the freelance writing arena. Today is a day to be with the people that have supported you on your freelance writing journey. The friends, family and religious mentors, if you have them, that have listened to your triumphs, frustrations and aspirations.

Most of us get into freelancing so we can make our own hours, rearranging them to spend more time with our family. Have you accomplished your goal? What fun times did you have with those most important to you this year that you would have missed if you had been shackled to a cubicle?

For those of you who don’t celebrate Christmas, happy Thursday! You’ve got a choice today. You can either spend your time enjoying a relaxed, bonus day off or you can take this opportunity to get ahead on work, or take the “Query Challenge.” Either way, all writers should take this end of the year time to look back in order to prepare for the future.

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